The Bhavan shall be the main nucleus of the  Complex and shall be developed as the LIGHT HOUSE to spread beacon light from Kashi, which had radiated on the spiritual horizons in the past from the very dawn of civilization. From the Malaviya Bhavan will flow streams of knowledge and light for the cross fertilization of all frontiers of knowledge to illumine India into a new awakening. The Complex will be a constant heraldar of the message of universal brotherhood (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam).
The Malaviya Bhavan shall be the inspirational centre for the Complex. Sacred and sacrosanct as it has been, the Bhavan shall for future generations be the guiding star not only for India but for the world at large, because the Mahamana stood for real moral regeneration and spiritual upliftment of mankind.
(a) The activities of Malaviya Bhavan shall be organized on the basis of the recommendations of the Centenary Committee headed by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. (b) Display statements about Mahamana by personalities of India and abroad.
(c) Restoration of the Malaviya Bhavan to perpetuate the living memory of Malaviyaji in the context of its original setting and ethos  obtained while he used it as his abode.
(d) The external setting to be restored in all its working details of horticulture and floriculture as was dear to the Founder himself; and,
(e) Collection of personal belongings, letters, photographs etc. and their proper display in galleries as also vehicle (if any), furniture and other items in his use.
In the process of restoration one should not lose sight of projecting the religious and value systems which the Mahamana tried to protect and conserve as is exemplified by the current activities such as Gita lectures, religious and moral discourse, yoga etc. etc:-
(i) The Bhavan shall continue to organize Gita Lectures, Lectures on Indian Philosophy and Scriptures dear to Mahamana heart such as Vedas,  Mahabhartam and  Shrimada Bhagavatam, etc. The programme of value studies and the Centre for Yoga will function as usual;
(ii) To revive the Malaviya Adhyayana Sansthana;
(iii) To establish Malaviya Centre for Social Action and Research;
(iv) To publish the speeches, writings and letters of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya and letters received by him;

(v) To prepare audio-visual materials based on speeches, reminiscences;
(vi) To prepare cassettes of Bhjans / Slokas and Spiritual Lectures dear to him.
(vii)To prepare material based on Malaviyaji's life and contribution to the freedom movement, eradication of untouchability, illiteracy, poverty and the grand saga of the establishment of BHU. His contribution to Hindi as the national language, propagation of Sanskrit, indigenous medicine, Sanatana Dharma, preservation of the best of the East etc. so that the Bhavan - Complex  serve as Apex as well as referral Centre for the nation and the world at large;
(viii)To organize exhibition and set up galleries on Malaviyaji and his times.
(ix) To promote all such activities as are in consonance with the goals and objectives of the great visionary;

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