The Vice-Chancellor has been pleased to approve an implementation committee, consisting of the following to speedily implement the   various suggestions submitted by a five member committee constituted under the chairmanship of Prof. K. D. Tripathi in connection with preparation of a report for establishment of the Mahamana Heritage Complex at the Malaviya Bhavan, B.H.U. :

1. Prof. Y. C. Simhadri,  Chairman  Vice-Chancellor
2. Shri R. C. P. Sinha,  Vice-Chariman   Ex-Registrar, BHU.
3. Prof. K. D. Tripathi, Member  Member, Executive Council.
4. Prof. S. K. Srivastav, Member  Retd. Malaviya Professor.
5. Vaidya Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri, Member Sudia, Varanasi.
6. Prof. R. H. Singh, Member Hon. Director, Malaviya Bhavan.
7. Registrar, B. H. U., Member
8. Finance Officer, B.H.U., Member
9. Public Relations Officer,  Member Secretary  B.H.U.
The Committee will monitor the implementation of various suggestions and will be in existence till board of Management of Mahaman Heritage Complex is constituted.

K. M. Pandey

No. R/GAD/Misc/102/MSHC/     of date :
Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to
  1. All the Members concerned.
  2.The Dy. Registrar and Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor, BHU.
   3. The P. S. to the Registrar, BHU.   REGISTRAR

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