In continuation to this office notification No. R./Dev./M-03-(Gen)/Conf/Semi/January-II_2014/56497 dated January 22, 2014, following Programmes (Conference / Seminar / Symposium / Workshop) will be organized under the Departments on the dates mentioned against each.

            All the Head of the Departments are requested not to schedule any programme during the period mentioned below to avoid accommodation and transportation problems.    

 Events in    Current Month

Name of Programme


Name of the Organizer & Department /Faculty


01-03-2014 to 02-03-2014

National Symposium under UGC-CAS-I programme on "Organic Synthesis and Advanced Materials"

Prof. R. M. Singh, Convener and Dr. S. Krishnamoorthi, Co-convener, Deptt. of Chemistry, BHU 


01-03-2014 to 02-03-2014

* Graduate Seminar on "Environment and Sustainable Development"

Dr. Rajeev Pratap Singh, Organizing Secretary, Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development, BHU


01-03-2014 to 07-03-2014

* Workshop on "Research Methodology"

Dr. Indira Bishnoi, Convener, Head, Deptt. of Home Science, MMV, BHU


03-03-2014 to 04-03-2014

Seminar on "Technological Basis of Cultures of Vindhya-Ganga Region"

Dr. Prabhakar Upadhyay, Convener, Deptt. of AIHC & Archaeology, BHU


05-03-2014 to 06-03-2014

International Seminar on "Reading/Understanding Fiction in Contemporary Times"

Prof. Vanashree, Convener, Head, Deptt. of English, BHU


05-03-2014 to 11-03-2014

* Winter School on "Practical crystallography and structure solution"

Dr. M. A. Shaz and Prof. O. N. Srivastava, Deptt. of Physics, BHU


07-03-2014 to 09-03-2014

International Seminar on "Praman Mimansa"
Download [Brochure]||[Registration Form]

Prof. Kamlesh Jha, Department of Dharmagam, BHU


08-03-2014 to 09-03-2014

National Conference of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases 2014 (PIDCON 2014)

Dr. Shashikant C. U. Patne, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Pathology, IMS, BHU


11-03-2014 to 13-03-2014

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12-03-2014 to 13-03-2014

Drosophila Meeting

Prof. S. C. Lakhotia, Convener, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU


12-03-2014 to 14-03-2014

Conference on "Nano Materials with Special reference to the Energy Security (MNES-2014)

Prof. O. N. Srivastava, Convener, Deptt. of Physics, BHU


12-03-2014 to 18-03-2014

* Winter School on "Nano Material with particular reference to energy security"

Prof. O. N. Srivastava and Dr. M. A. Shaz, Deptt. of Physics, BHU


14-03-2014 to 15-03-2014

Seminar on "Sanskriti, Kala avam Darsana: Bhartiyata Ke Pariprekshya Me"

Prof. Sandhya Singh Kaushik, Principal, Convener and Dr. Jytosna Srivastava, Associate Professor in Philosophy & Dr. Abha Mishra Pathak, Assistant Professor in History of Arts, Organizing Secretaries,  MMV, BHU


21-03-2014 to 22-03-2014

Science Academies' Lecture Workshop on "Spectroscopy in Chemical Biology"  [Brochure]

Dr. Satyen Saha, Coordinator, Deptt. of Chemistry, BHU


21-03-2014 to 23-03-2014

* Central Zone Anaesthesiology PG Assembly-2014

Prof. L. D. Mishra, Head, , Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU


22-03-2014 to 28-03-2014

* Winter School on "Advances in Laser Spectroscopy and application"

Shri Amresh Bahadur and Dr. Hridayesh Mishra, Deptt. of Physics, BHU


29-03-2014 to 30-03-2014

* National Seminar On "Challenges and Prospects of Indian Culture in Present Times" [Brochure]||[Registration Form]

Dr. Om Prakash Bharatiya, Convener, Deptt. of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU


29-03-2014 to 30-03-2014

National Seminar On "Legal Protection of Consumers in a Global Economy - Recent Approaches and the Way Forward".
Last date for abstract has been extended to February 28, 2014
[Brochure]||[Registration Form]

Prof. B.C. Nirmal, Head & Dean, Convener, Law School, BHU


29-03-2014 to 04-04-2014

* Winter School on "Accelator, Nuclear and Particle Physics"

Dr. Venkatesh Singh and Dr. Ajay Kumar, Deptt. of Physics, BHU


Events in  April '2014


04-04-2014 to 05-04-2014

Science Academies' Lecture Workshop on "Supramolecular Chemistry-Concepts &Perspectives"|| [POSTER]

Dr. Sailaja S. Sunkari, Assistant Professor in Chemistry Section, MMV, BHU


04-04-2014 to 05-04-2014

International Seminar Re-imagining Indian Foreign Policy Emerging Challenges and Strategies & Annual Meet of the Political Science Alumni Association [Brochure]|[Registration Form]

Prof.D.G.A.Khan,Organizing Secretary,Department Of political Science,BHU


07-04-2014 to 11-04-2014

National Workshop on "Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts/Rare Support Materials/IIIustrated Manuscripts"

Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava, University Librarian, Central Library, BHU


07-04-2014 to 19-04-2014

* II School on Signal, Image, Speech and Language Processing

Dr. M. K. Singh, DST-CIMS, BHU


Events in  June '2014


01-06-2014 to 02-06-2014

National Workshop on Yoga Sports & Physical Education

Dr. N. B. Shukla, Organizing Secretary, CHC Athletic Association, Faculty of Arts, BHU


Events in  July '2014


07-07-2014 to 19-07-2014

Instructional Schools for Lecturers on "Geometric Topology"

Prof. M.M. Tripathi, Convener, Deptt. of Mathematics and Dr. Bankteshwar Tiwari, Convener, DST-CIMS, BHU


Events in  October '2014


16-10-2014 to 18-10-2014

National Conference of IASSH and Recent Developments in the Techniques of Statistical Sciences

Prof. K. K. Singh, Convener, Deptt. of Statistics, BHU


17-10-2014 to 19-10-2014

* National Conference of Association of Obstetric Anaesthesia (AOA)

Prof. Pushkar Ranjan, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU


29-10-2014 to 31-10-2014

International Conference on "Modelling & Simulation of Diffusive Process and Its Applications (ICMSDPA)

Prof. Naveen Kumar, Head, Deptt. of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, BHU


Events in  November '2014


01-11-2014 to 05-11-2014

International Conference on "New Trends in Field Theory"

Prof. R. P. Malik, Deptt. of Physics, BHU


07-11-2014 to 09-11-2014

National Symposium on "Behavioural Ecology: molecules to organisms"

Prof. Neelkamal Rastogi, Convener and Dr. M. Singaravel, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU


11-11-2014 to 13-11-2014

IASTA Conference

Dr. M. K. Srivastava, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Geophysics, BHU


14-11-2014 to 16-11-2014

VII All India Conference of China Studies

Prof. Anand Shankar Singh, Head, Deptt. of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU


17-11-2014 to 18-11-2014

National Congress of Stakeholders for a Dialogue on Teacher Education

Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh, Faculty of Education (K) BHU


* Subject to the availability of Accommodation.

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