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Events in  July 2017

15-07-2017 to 16-07-2017

Workshop on "Ultrasound life support course"

Dr. Bikram Kumar Gupta and Dr. Gaurav Jain, Organizing Secretaries, Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU

27-07-2017 to 29-07-2017


प्रो० भगवत शरण शुक्लः

[ विवरण ]

Events in  August 2017

09-08-2017 to 10-08-2017

National Intellectual Convention on "Resurrection of Agricultural Education & Research in India"

Prof. A. Vaishampayan, Chairman, Director, I.Ag. Sc., BHU

19-08-2017 to 25-08-2017

One Week National Workshop on QGIS
Note: Last date extended to 18-07-17 5 PM. Selection of the participants will be on first come basis.

Dr. Arun K. Singh, Department of Geography(MMV),

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22-08-2017 to 23-08-2017

International conference on Bacteriophages in River Ganga

Prof . Gopal Nath, Organizing Secretary, Department of Microbiology


25-08-2017 to 28-08-2017

56th AICWBIP Worker's Meet

Prof. Lal Chand Prasad, Project In-charge (AICWBIP), Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, I.Ag. Sc., B.H.U.

Events in  September 2017

06-09-2017 to 26-09-2017

ICAR sponsored Summer School on "Micropropagation Techniques and Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Interventions for Sustainable Plant Production under Climate Change Scenario"

Prof. Padmanabh Dwivedi, Course Director, Head and Dr. Pravin Prakash, Course Coordinator, Deptt. of Plant Physiology, I.Ag. Sc., BHU,


15-09-2017 to 20-09-2017

SNCI Workshop

Prof. S. Prasad, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU

20-09-2017 to 22-09-2017

* SNCI Conference

Prof. S. Prasad, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU

Events in  October  2017

02-10-2017 to 04-10-2017

International Seminar on Environment and Tribal History of India

Prof. Ajay Pratap,


03-10-2017 to 17-10-2017

* Programme on "Capacity Building Programme on Research, Teaching and Learning Process for  the Faculty in Social Sciences"

Prof. Tej Pratap Singh, Coordinator, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU

05-10-2017 to 07-10-2017

39th Annual Convention, Seminar and Exhibition of Association of Exploration Geophysicist

Dr. Uma Shankar, Convener, Deptt. of Geophysics, BHU

26-10-2017 to 28-10-2017

9th RNA Group Meet

Prof. S.C. Lakhotia, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU

27-10-2017 to 29-10-2017

Annual Conference & Convocation of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists

Prof. S. K. Mathur, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU

Events in  November 2017

04-11-2017 to 06-11-2017

Joint Annual Conference of Indian Archaeological Society, Indian Society for Prehistoric & Quaternary Studies & History and Culture Society

Prof. Pushp Lata Singh, Organizing Secretary, Centre of Advanced Study, Deptt.. of AIHC & Archaeology,BHU


07-11-2017 to 09-11-2017

* IASLIC 31st All India Conference 2017

Dr. Aditya Tripathi, Head, Department of Library & Information Science, BHU

09-11-2017 to 12-11-2017

Junior National Organic Symposium Trust 2017 (J-NOST 2017)

Prof. Maya Shankar Singh, Convener, Deptt. of Chemistry, Institute of Science, BHU

09-11-2017 to 10-11-2017

* Workshop on "Advance Training of Ksharsutra Therapy"

Prof. Lakshman Singh, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Shalya Tantra, IMS, BHU

09-11-2017 to 11-11-2017

* National seminar cum workshop on "Kalakshar: Design and Innovation in Indian Culture in terms of Language, Art and Technology"

Dr. Manish Arora, Organising Secretary, Deptt. of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts, BHU


* National Conference on "Recent Trends in Ano-Rectal Disorders"

Prof. Lakshman Singh, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Shalya Tantra, IMS, BHU

13-11-2017 to 15-11-2017

National Conference on "Advanced Developments in Theoretical and Applied Statistics (ADTAS-2017)

Dr. Nirpeksh Kumar, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Statistics, Institute of Science, BHU

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17-11-2017 to 19-11-2017

Regional Workshop on "Research Based Pedagogical Tools"

Prof. Sanjay Kumar, Deptt. of Physics, BHU

17-11-2017 to 19-11-2017

* UPASICON 2017, Annual Conference of UPASI

Dr. Puneet, Organising Secretary, Deptt. of General Surgery, IMS, BHU

Events in  December 2017

08-12-2017 to 09-12-2017

International Conference on "Factors affecting the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines"

Dr. D. N. S. Gautam, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Rasa Shastra, IMS, BHU

Events in  January 2018

05-01-2018 to 07-01-2018

International Conference on "Economic Enhancement & Economic Development"

Prof. P.V. Rajeev, Conference Director and
Dr. Ashutosh Mohan, Conference Coordinator, Institute of Management Studies, BHU

08-01-2018 to 10-01-2018

पाणिनीयं महाशास्त्रं सर्वशास्त्रोपकारकम्’’ विषय पर अन्ताराष्ट्रिय संस्कृत सम्मेलन

प्रो0 बालशास्त्री, संयोजक, व्याकरण विभाग, संस्कृत विद्या धर्म विज्ञान संकाय, काशी हिन्दू विश्वविद्यालय।

[ विवरण ]

Events in  February 2018

08-02-2018 to 09-02-2018

Symposium on "Advances in Biology of Algae and Cyanobacteria"

Dr. K. D. Pandey, Convener, Deptt. of Botany, Institute of Science, BHU

09-02-2018 to 11-02-2018

XVI International Conference on "Applied Zoological Research for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security"

Prof. C. P. Srivastava, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Entomology & Agricultural Zoology, I.Ag. Sc., BHU

13-02-2018 to 15-02-2018

* International Conference on "Trends in Biochemical and Biomedical Research Advances and Challenges"

Prof. P. K. Srivastava, Head, Convener and Dr. Subash Chandra Gupta, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Biochemistry, Institute of Science, BHU

14-02-2018 to 15-02-2018

 International Seminar on "Migration et Identite dans la litterature francaise et francophone"

Prof. D. K. Singh, Convener, Deptt. of French Studies, Faculty of Arts, BHU

16-02-2018 to 17-02-2018

33th Annual Conference of the Mathematical Society-BHU on the topic "Recent Advances in Mathematical Modeling and Analysis"

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Convener, Deptt. of Mathematics, Institute of Science, BHU

22-02-2018 to 24-02-2018

Workshop & International Conference on "Benign Colorectal Disorders"

Prof. M. Sahu, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Shalya Tantra, IMS, BHU

Events in  March 2018

07-03-2018 to 11-03-2018

24th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine

Prof. D. K. Singh, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU

12-03-2018 to 13-03-2018

National Seminar on "Contemporary Advances in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics in light of Ancient Wisdom"

Dr. L. N. Gupta, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Rasa Shastra, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU

Events in  November 2018

12-11-2018 to 14-11-2018

Bhartiya Mahila Darshanik Parishad 11th Conference

Dr. Jyotsna Srivastava, Section of Philosophy,

Mahila Mahavidyalaya, BHU

20-11-2018 to 23-11-2018

24th XXXVI Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Neurosciences (IAN)

Prof. S. Prasad, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU

Events in  February 2019

14-02-2019 to 16-02-2019

* International Conference on Current Trends in  Education, Practice and Research involving Ayurveda-based Interventions"

Prof. Anand K. Chadhuary, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Rasa Shastra, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU

Events in  October 2019

04-10-2019 to 06-10-2019

International Conference on "Recent Trends in Earth Science Research & Centennial Celebrations (1919-2019)

Prof. Rajesh K. Srivastava, Convener and Prof. N. V. Chalapathi Rao, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Geology, Institute of Science, BHU


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