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Archaeological Museum

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Main Shrine

Ashoka Pillar

Mulgandh Kuti


Archaeological Museum

An outstanding Archaeological Museum has been developed at Sarnath, with antiquities unearthed at the site itself. Sculptures, sandstone bas-reliefs, pottery, terra-cota figurines and carved bricks are arranged in a main hall, four galleries and in verandahs. The central piece is the lion capital which once crowned the Ashokan Pillar. There are several images of Buddha and Bodhisattvas in various postures and quite a few images of Hindu gods and goddesses ­Marichi, Agni, Kartikeya and Brahma, being the most interesting exhibits.

The museum is supplemented by a sculpture shed situated north of it, just outside the excavated area. Brahmanical and Jain sculptures brought from Varanasi are exhibited here.