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Being the holiest city of Hinduism, the impact of the religion is found everywhere in the city - the clanging bells and the monotonous, but oddly soothing, chant of Sanskrit hymns, in the fragrant flower offerings, and the coloured powders that are sold in a myriad roadside shops which decorate the foreheads of the devout, in the tens of thousands of worshippers and the thousands who offer them salvation or service. The secret of Varanasi's enduring attraction is probably hidden in Sir Maurice Gwyer's description of the city: "...(to whom) so many generations of men have looked for inspiration, at whose shrines they have quickened their faith; in whose stone-paved alleys the old and the new are forever playing hide and seek; where the atmosphere and environment seem equally to encourage all pursuits, from the spiritual to the commercial; where one lives with legends and superstition and the romance and beauty of ritual, and yet with the fullest awareness of reality - such is Varanasi, eternal and ageless, bright and beautiful and intensely vital."