Prof. Vidula Jayaswal is a senior member of our department. A scholar of repute, her field of specialisation is Prehistory, Indian Archaeology and Art History. After completing her Ph.D from this University, she received Post-Doctoral training at the Department of Anthropology, University of Berkley, California, U.S.A. Prof. Jayaswal is the author of twelve books and has more than five dozen papers published in various National and International journals.

She is a member of the Executive Committee of the Anthropological Survey of India and Archaeological Survey of India (Government Nominee). As an expert member, she has been a part of the committee for screening SAP programmes of History and Archaeology of the UGC, Selection Committee for Research projects in Archaeology and the Committee for framing the syllabi of History and Archaeology (NET). Prof. Jayaswal has delivered six memorial Lectures in different Universities and Research Institutes and the one Presidential address at Patna. Archaeology being her forte, she has directed excavations at Paisra, Bhitari, Chunar, Kotwa and Akhta. As a researcher and a teacher she has an impeccable record and can be a role model for many.

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