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LIBRARY :- The nucleus of the Library of Society known as Rev. G.P. Taylor library was laid down by the books kindly donated by Rev. G.P. Taylor himself in the year 1920. Today the library has 2000 volumes including journals. Some of these books and journals are rare and to consult which scholars come from different parts of the country

CONFERENCES :- The Society holds annual conferences in different cities of country where it is invited to hold these conferences by University Departments that teach and study numismatics and or local numismatic Societies. So long we have held 91 conferences. 92nd is scheduled to be held later in 2008. The Society also holds Seminar on different topics at the time of the conference every year.


Numismatic Notes and Monographs

1.     The Coin Types of Indo-Greek Kings : by A.K. Narain

2.     A Bibliography of the Hoards of Punch-Marked Coins of Ancient India : by Parameshwari Lal Gupta

3.     The Bactrian Treasure of Qunduz :  by A.D.H. Bivar

4.     The Coin-Types of Saka-Pahlava Kings of India : by G.K. Jenkins and A.K. Narain

5.     Inventory of the Hoards and Finds of Coins and Seals From Madhya Pradesh : by Bal Chandra Jain

6.     List of Published Satavahana Coins : by M. Rama Rao

7.     The Coin types of Kings with Mitra-Ending Names : by Bela Lahiri

8.     The Stratigraphic Evidence of Coins in Indian Excavations and Some allied Issues : By S.C. Ray

9.     The Gold Coin-Types of the Great Kushanas : by Major Allen H. Wood III

10.   A survey of Indian Numismatography :  by J.N. Tiwari and P.L. Gupta

11.   Coins of the Pandyas : by C.H. Biddulph

12.   Early Medieval Coin-Types of Northern India : by Lallanji Gopal

13.   Coins of the Cholas : by C.H. Biddulph

14.   Coinage of South India : by Vidya prakash

15.   Coin Hoards from Gujarat : by P.L. Gupta

16.   Coin Hoards from Maharastra : by P.L. Gupta

17.   Coinage of Tripura : by Ramani Mohan sharma

18.   Coinage of Bengal and its Neighbourhood : Ed. By Jai Prakash Singh

19.   A Schema of Indo-Bactrian Coinage : by K. Walton Dobbins

20.   A plea for Study of Art in Coinage : by B.N. Mukharjee

21.   Coins of Republic of India : by Dolly Mukherjee

22.   Coins and currency System in Vijiayanagar Empire : by A.V. Narasimhamurthy

23.   Joint Coin-types of Ancient India : by P. Srivastava



1.     The Coins of Tipu Sultan of Mysore : by Rev. G.P. Taylor

2.     Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics : by S.H. Hodiwala

3.     Techinque of Casting Coins in Ancient India : by Birbal Sahni

4.     Mint Towns of the Mughal Emperors of India : by C.R. Singhal

5.     Saka-Pahlava Coinage : by K. Walton Dobbins

6.     Coins and Early Indian Economy Ed. By A.M. Shastri

7.     Coinage and Economy of North Eastern States of India Ed. By Jai Prakash Singh and Nisar Ahmad

8.     Foreign Elements in Indian Indigenous Coins : Ed. By Ajay Mitra Shastr



1.     Bibliography of Indian Coins : by C.R. Singhal

  Vol. I, Non-Muhammadan Series

  Vol. II, Muhammadan and later Series

2.     Bibliography of Indian Coins Part I (Ancient period) First Suppement (Upto 1960) by P.L. Gupta

3.     Bibliography of Indian Coins : Pt. II (Medieval and Modern) First Supploement (1952-60) by : C.R. Singhal

        and P.L.Gupta

4.     Bibliography of Indian Numismatics Pt. I (Ancient India, 1961-1970) by P.L. Gupta

 Bibliography of Indian Numismatics Part II (Medieval and Modern, 1961-1970) by P.L. Gupta

5.     Bibliography of Indian Numismatics, Part I (Ancient India, 1971-1980) by : S.J. Mangalam

6.     Bibliography of Indian Numismatics, Pt. II (Medieval and Modern) by P. Kulkarni


Sixty years of the Numismatic Society of India (1910-1971) History and Presidential Addresses.


Index To Vols. :-

                             I-X              by Sudha Narain

                             XI-XX           by P.L. Gupta

                             XXI-XXX        by D.B. Pandey

                             XXXI-XL        by P.N. Singh

                             XLI-L            by Mohd. Nasem



The society has been publishing its own journal - the Journal of the Numismatic Society of India since 1939 regularly. In 2007 the Society issued volume LXIX

       So far we have published sixty nine volumes from 1939 to 2007. The volume for 2008 is going to the press. (Scan copy of 2007 Cover Page & Contents

Numismatic Supplement

 Volumes :-  1 - 47              

          Prior to 1939 the society was publishing numismatic supplement in arrangement with the Asiatic Society of Bengal. The articles for the supplement were written by members of the Society and edited by a person appointed as editor by the Society. The publication aspect of the Supplement was looked after by the Asiatic Society of the Bengal.



The Society also recognizes the contribution of its members and scholars for their academic work by awarding them medals and awards.

Following are awards:-

1.     Nelson Wright Medal in Bronze

2.      Akbar Silver Medal

3.      Chakra Vikram Medal of Gold and Silver

4.      C.H. Bidulph Bronze Medal

5.      Prof. M. Rama Rao Medal

6.      Shree T. Desikachari Silver Medal

7.      Prof. M.H. Krishna-Mythic Society Silver Medal.