Dr. Prabhakar Upadhyay (B.A., M.A. and Ph. D. from Banaras Hindu University) is a Lecturer in the Department of AIHC and Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University. Earlier he worked as an Assistant Curator in the Archaeological Museum of the Department. His field of specialization is History of Indian Science and Technology and Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology. After submitting his Ph.D. dissertation on An Ethno-archaeological Study of Mining and Mineral Resources of Cultures of Ganga Plains (700/600 BC 100 BC/AD), for which he was awarded JRF/SRF by UGC, he worked as Senior Research Fellow in DST sponsored project Studies in Ancient Mining and Metallurgy in Sonbhadra-Sidhi Region. Dr. Upadhyay has explored several ancient mining zones including Singhbhum copper belt and Baragunda copper mines in Jharkhand, copper and lead mining areas of Bhagalpur in Bihar, Sonbhadra-Sidhi-Sarguja iron belt of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

He participated in several archaeological excavations and explorations conducted by the Department. He delivered two special lectures on Ancient Mining Techniques and Iron Smelting Techniques at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and helped it in setting Ancient Technological Gallery for the museum. He has written a book entitled Minerals and Mining in Ancient India (2007) and contributed more than 20 research papers to various reputed publications in the field of archaeology and ancient technology. He has attended more than two dozens National and International Seminars including BUMA VIth held in Beijing in September 2006 as a delegate of Indian National Academy of Engineering. Besides attending a good number of seminars and conferences he has worked as Treasurer of the International Seminar on History of Indian Science and Technology (sponsored by Infinity Foundation, USA) held at Banaras Hindu University in January 2007 and was the Convener of Smriti 2008 held at Banaras Hindu University.


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