NAME                     :    DR. RAVINDRA NATH SINGH

INSTITUTION          :    Reader,  Department of AIHC & Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005

MAILING                    283/2, Mahamanapuri Colony, P.O.-BHU, Varanasi-221 005, Tel. 0542-2570755,

ADDRESS               :    emails : ravi_bhu1@rediffmail.com; rns24@cam.ac.uk          

QUALIFICATIONS    :    B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D., PG Dip. in Spectroscopy, Ad. Dip. in Russian & Dip. in Yoga

EXPERIENCES        :    More than 12 years experience of Teaching PG & UG Classes, About 30 years
                                    experience of Research & Archaeology

fieldwork and experience  : Analyses of archaeological materials by SEM, EPMA, X-Ray,   Metallography             & Chemical


PUBLICATIONS:   Books / Monographs

  1. 2007:Ravindra N.Singh, Archaeometallurgy in India : A Study of Copper & Iron Objects from N. India, Varanasi..

  2. 2007:Ravindra N.Singh Settlement Archaeology of the Karamnasha Valley: Chandauli District, in press.

  3. 2007:Ravindra N.Singh Characterisation of Ancient Metal Objects from the Middle Ganga Plain’in press.

  4. a.1998:V.D.Misra (Chief Editor), R. N.Singh, et.al.(Jt.Editors), Reconstructing History-Vol.I Archaeology & History, Varanasi             

  5.  b.1998: as aboveVol.II : Art, Religion & Indian Studies, Varanasi.

  6.  c.1998:as above Vol.III: (Itihas Sanrachana), Varanasi.

  7.  1994:S.Saran and Ravindra N.Singh, History of Science  and Technology during Gupta Period, Delhi.

  8.  1991: National Seminar on Archaeometallurgy -Abstract Book, V. Tripathi (Editor), R. N.Singh, et.al. (Asst.Editors),Varanasi.

  9.  1989:Ravindra N.Singh, Ancient Indian Glass : Archaeology & Technology, Delhi ( ICHR’s publication Grant).


Monograph under preparation 

"History of Prehistoric Chemistry of India"

Research Papers  

More than 80 papers published in National and International Journals, more than 30 Citations by several scholars.

(About four  dozen papers published in refereed journals -national & international).


AWARDS  & AFFILIATIONS                :

1986        UGC Fellow, Indo-Soviet Cultural Exchange at Pushkin Institute,Moscow,USSR            

1989        Summer Schools of Field Archaeology. Harvard University, USA held at Ashkelon, Israel

1990        Summer Schools on Excavations, Institute of Archaeology, University of London, UK

1993        Summer Workshop on Computers in Archaeology, Deccan College PGRI, Pune          

1994-95      The Nehru Trust Fellow, Institute of Archaeology, University of London                        

2001-02      The Royal Society- London Fellowship (INSA), Department of Archaeology, Cambridge                   University

2003-05     Associate, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Rashtrapati Niwas, Shimla.



UGC  Refresher Course in Archaeology,  Deccan College, Pune, June-July, 2000.



In addition to several National Seminars, also attended International  Seminars & Conferences held in Romania, Canada, Germany, Norway, Czechoslovakia, China, etc. and also visited UK, USA, France, Holland and others .



1994-1995, Archaeometallurgy of South & South East Asia, project undertaken as the Nehru Trust Fellow at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, UK (Completed)

2001-2002, Characterisation of Metals from Middle Gangetic Plains, The Royal Society, London 's Fellowship at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge (Completed)

1999-2003, Field-work project, ‘Archaeological Explorations in Chandauli District,  with UP State Archaeology(in press).

2001-2003, Research Project entitled, ‘An Ethno-technological Study of Iron Metallurgy in Chandauli and neighbouring areas’ 

2003-2007, History of Chemistry in Ancient India, Associate-ship awarded by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study,



  •      Principal Investigator (India) of the UKIERI  (the British Council) Projects- on the ‘ the Decline of Harappans and Climate’ with Dr. C.A. Petrei of Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. UK since April 2007(147000 Pound Sterling).

  •     Collaborating as a Member of the Projects entitled, “Archaeological Geography of Gangetic Valley” and 'The Deccan Routes' of Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. UK since 1996 (still continuing).



·         Member of the Executive Committee (2002-2004), Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary

           Studies,(ISPQS), Pune

·         Indian Archaeological Society

·         Numismatics Society of India

·         Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Canberra

·         Society for Archaeological Sciences, Michigan.

·         World Archaeological Congress.                                                                                                                                                                                                        



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