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The Bhojpuri Study Centre was established at the Banaras Hindu University on 22.06.09. The speed with which Bhojpuri market has advanced, a disreputed Culture in it has also taken strides with the same rapidity. Obscene and indecent songs are defiling the cultural image of Bhojpuri. In an atmosphere such as this the establishment of the Bhojpuri Study Centre at the B.H.U. is a happy augury. The Centre is active in the direction of developing and expanding the Bhojpuri of saints like Gorakhnath, Kabir and others, warriors like Veer Kunwar Singh, Mangal Pandey, and Poets and litterateurs like Bhikhari Thakur, Rahul Sankrityayan, Dharikshan Mishra, Gorakh Pandey,Moti B.A. and others. It is also under the purview of the centre's concern as to how to utilize the traditional skill of Bhojpuri in facing the challenges of the modern society. The centre has also published an introductory account of the plans and direction of work of the centre as is also available on the web-site of the University. Along with the Bhojpuri language and literature this centre will also study the Bhojpuri society, culture and art. There is Plan to build a museum with a view to preserving the cultural specialities of Bhojpuri as also to developing a cultural centre for resident Bhojpurias. A point wise account of the development of the centre is as follows:
1.A National Seminar Organised on Bhojpuri Ke Vikas Mein Rahul Sankityayan Ka Yogdan on 4-5 February 2012
2.A Special Lecture delivered by Kathryn C. Hardy , U.S.A On the Topic Bhojpuri Cinema Mein Gaon on dated 9-12-2011
3.A Special Lecture delivered by Dr. Usha Raje Saxena, U.K. On the Topic Pravasi Bhartiya Sahitya on dated 23-11-2011
4.Shri Kalraj Mishra hon'ble member BHU court (Member of Parliament, Rayashabha) announced to Rs. Ten Lacs for Bhojpuri Adhyayan Kendra, on 12/07/2011.
5.A special lecture on Bhojpuri Ka Vikash : Samasyayen Aur Sambhawanayen By Shri Kalraj Mishra, hon'ble member BHU court and (Member of Parliament, Rayashabha on 12/07/2011.
6.Developed a curriculum of Ph. D. and Post Graduate Diploma in Bhojpuri and Janpadiya Adhyayan [Full time (two semester) and Part time (four semester)] is prepared and continue is trying to run these courses in coming academic session.
7.An workshop on How to read Poetry in collaboration in Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow on, 26 March 2011.
8.A Special Lecture delivered by Shri Jagdish Goberdhan on Bhojpuri Bhasa Aur Samaj Ka Vikas on dated 11-2-2011
9.Organized an International Seminar on Veer kunwar singh : History versus Memory in collaboration with ICHR and Department of History BHU, On 2-3 February 2011.
10.Foundation stone of Bhojpuri Bhavan and folk art museum have laid down by smt. Miera Kumar Hon'ble Speaker, Loksabha 20.11.10
11.A special lecture on the topic Bhojpuri ke vikash ki dishaye was delivered by smt. Miera Kumar Hon'ble Speaker, Loksabha 20.11.10.
12.A special lecture on Bhojpuri ke Vikash ki Dishayen By Prof. C.D. Singh, V.C. IGNTOU Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh on 30August 2010.
13.A special lecture on Bhojpuri ka Bhavishya by Prof. Kedarnath Nath Singh was delivered on 30.04.2010.
14.A meeting with the delegates of the Bhojpuri conference at Mumbai on 5.1.2010 and Rs. 51,000/- Received as contributory amount for the Bhojpuri Bhawan.
15.Ten honourary associate have been nominated and process going on five more honourary associate to nominate for the centre.
16.An inter-disciplinary project with a view to studying regional Bhojpuri life including agriculture, way of life, indigenous knowledge and cultural profile prepared with the cooperation of the following departments of the B.H.U. and through the University sent to the University grants commission for approval : AIHC & Archaeology Department, Faculty of Arts, Department of History, Faculty of Social Science, Centre for Women's studies and Development, Faculty of Social Science, Department of Painting, Faculty of Visual Arts, Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts, Department of Geography Faculty of Science, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Institute of Technology.
17. Exhibition of Posters about Thousand years of Bhojpuri on the occasion of Alumani Meet on Dec. 26-27.2009.
18.The speech of Prof. Kamlesh Dutt Tripathi, a well known thinker and exponent of culture, on Bases of Regional Culture: with special reference to Bhojpuri, Dated: 7.12.09
19.The inauguration of the chain of dialogues captioned. The Directions of Bhojpuri's Development was made by the speech of shri Aniruddha Jagannath, the Honourable President of Mauritius, on 6.12.2009
20.The centre also participated in the National Bhojpuri conference held at Delhi. A programme of Bhojpuri language and culture is being planned in collaboration with the Sunday Indian (Bhojpuri)
21.Ravindra Nath Tagore Institute at Mauritius has shown interest in starting a joint programme on Bhikhari Thakur. Talk regarding this is also going on.
22.Representative of the centre participated in the world Bhojpuri conference convened at Mauritius. Talks are on with the heads of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and Tagore institutes for an educational and cultural exchange. The initiative has already been taken in Mauritius for according Bhojpuri the status of the state language. Trained teaches will be needed there for studying Bhojpuri. For such training the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in collaboration with the Banaras Hindu University is keen to convening a work-shop.Representatives not only of countries such as Fiji, Halland, Surinam, etc. but also of America, England have evinced interest in research in Bhojpuri and University educational programmes. Keeping this in view the centre is trying to search possibilities of study and teaching in Bhojpuri.

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