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Rajiv Gandhi South Campus
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Developing a vibrant campus for any education institution requires good combination of physical as well as intellectual infrastructure. Attracting good academicians require befitting physical infrastructure.

Establishing a good combination of physical and intellectual infrastructure was the biggest challenge faced by the administration in the initial years of Campus Development. The Campus is now equiped with Administrative Blocks, Lecture Theatre Complex, Hostel and accmodation for staff members, 24X7 health care faciltiy and so on. Efforts are on to provide uninterupted supply of power and water in the premises. The campus is also furnished with other facilities including refreshment centers and Cafateria Hostel Mess and so on. Library facility with latest available literature, national and international journals, magazines, news papers and periodicals are available for students and staff members of the Campus. Computing faciltiy with broadband internet connection is also available in the premises. The Lecture theatres are furnished with audio visual and projection equipments. Laboratories and computer labs are also established in the campus.


The Campus is able to attract qualified, talented and experienced academicians for conducting different programmes (both professional and non professional). Besides, the senior faculty members from the parent departments engage classes in different programmes. Week long specially designed internships at main campus is also being organized for certain programmes for proper grooming.