Welcome to Centre for Environmental Science & Technology (CEST)

The Centre for Environmental Science & Technology (CEST) is an interdisciplinary university centre, established in the Faculty of Science to coordinate environmental programmes of the Banaras Hindu University and transfer appropriate eco-friendly technologies for sustainable development.

The CEST is conducting a three year M.Sc.(Tech.) course in Environmental Science & Technology, which is designed to meet the national and international requirements of Environmental Monitoring, Management, EIA, ISO certification, Environmental  legislation, Hazards and Risk assessment. This course bridges the gap between Science & Technology and provide extensive training to the students for getting jobs in Universities, Colleges, Industries, Ministries, Judiciary, Research organizations, Multinational companies, Administration and NGO's etc. Course is available to all graduates of Science, Agriculture, B.Tech. and MBBS.

Ph.D. Programme in Environmental Science & Technology discipline is also available.

Besides M.Sc.(Tech.) course and Ph.D. Programme the Centre is dedicated for the Water Conservation Programme of the University. Recently the CEST has started Rain Water Harvesting, Artificial Ground Water Recharging and Extensive Training Programme for the rural folk with the help of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India. 

The CEST has established a Biodiversity Park on 500 acre land forin-situ and ex-situ conservation of endangered species which will be an unique Conservation Park of its own kind in Tropical Countries. In this park Gene Bank of all fruiting trees of local varieties, threatened and endangered species shall be developed to conserve them in larger interest of the human kind.

Technology transfer programme of the university has been started by the CEST to fulfill the vision "Knowledge and Technologies generated by the Banaras Hindu University should benefit society at large and neighboring districts in particular" of Pt. Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviyaji, Founder of the Banaras Hindu University.