'Kalpavriksha' is the canopy under which students gather, minds clash, ideas churn and concepts revolutionise. Kalpavriksha is the students' club. Rooted deep in the lifestyle of FMS BHU, Kalpavriksha provides a platform to develop personality, widen perspective, deepen understanding and broaden outlook. Students seek enlightenment under 'Kalpavriksha'.


Mirror provides a reflection of students' intellectual capabilities and fathoms the depth of your knowledge. It organises debates, elocutions, turn-coats, conducts quiz and other similar intellectually challenging activities regularly to enrich young minds, increase their knowledge base and enhance their competitive edge.


Canvass aims at generating an individual opinion and acknowledging the validity of another individual's perception.

Canvass is basically a discussion forum where students assemble weekly to discuss a relevant socio-political/economic current issue. Different facts pop up from different individuals. Different perceptions are given voice and different individuals provide an individual opinion on subjective topics that leads to a mutual intellectual growth.


Impulse lets the students depict their creativity. It organises activities that explore creative depth in students. Add-mad, logo designing, branding, poster making, virtual trading and other similar activities are organised under Impulse. Impulse provides a fun-filled creative learning experience to the students.