The celebration of youth and the vigor therein defines the character of any organization or institution. We, at FMS, believe that success is a congregate of youthful energy and a tenacious self belief. And "Unnayan" (the faculty fest) happens to be a platform that lets this energy unfold. Ever since it was started, it has seen manifold improvements in the quality and level of participation.

Generally the fest is organized at the beginning of the second semester. It is an intra-faculty event that includes participation from both the first and second year students of MBA, MBA-IB and MBA-AB. It normally is organized over a period of two days spanning a wide range of cultural, literary, art and theatre events. The fest is organized in the run up to the University fest "Spandan". The best performances from "Unnayan" are sent as the entries representing the faculty in "Spandan". Hence it becomes more of a battle to book one's berth for the bigger stage.

The legacy of this festival is remarkable. Many of the winners here have gone on to strike an ace at "Spandan". The rules and structures are also set on the same lines so that the best are chosen to represent the faculty and compete with twenty-one other faculties and affiliated colleges.

The atmosphere is rejuvenating. Add to it the thrill of seeing your "till late" shy classmates express themselves and let open their baggage of talent to leave you spellbound. The fest is an occasion when you are given the liberty to explore the dimensions of your creative self.