Recent Advancements

In the last year, following Development Works have been completed in the IMS & S.S. Hospital:


  1. Addition of floor on rear block of IMS for the Superspeciality departments.
  2. Addition of floor in the OPD for the BDS Course.
  3. Addition of floor in the Atreya Hostel.
  4. Extension of the Chamber of Director.
  5. Extension of the Office of the Director.
  6. Renovation of Cycle Stand of IMs.
  7. New Pediatric Out Door.
  8. Extension of NICU Building.
  9. Construction of Obstetrics & Gynecology Operation Theatre.
  10. Extension of Nursing School Building.
  11. Renovation of Medico canteen.
  12. Installation of lift in the IMS premises.
  13. Construction of New Nursing Hostel.
  14. Renovation of C Block of OT Complex.
  15. Renovation of ILT II & III.
  16. Floor of Nagarjuna Hostel.