Sir Sunderlal Hospital



Upgradation of ART Centre to Centre of Excellence (total registrations 7710).

Endocrinology Full component hormonal assay lab established. Annual output 17454.


Equipped with Radio Frequency Disectomy and CRRT.
Radiology Equipped with HD-11, 3D Colour Dopler, 64 Slice CT Scan and Digital Radiography, 1.5 Tesla MRI being installed. Annual output 13876.
Obstetrics and Gynaec Special Clinics- Menopausal Clinic, Adolescent Clinic and Infertility Clinic started. Dedicated Emergency Obstetrics OT.
Pediatrics New independent building for OPD. 6 bedded Pediatric Emergency Ward, 15 bedded Neonatal ICU.
Radiotherapy 3D treatment planning system “ASHA” procured. A 30 bedded new indoor for cancer patient is in the pipeline
Psychiatry De-addiction centre, Computerized Sleep Lab, Computerized Stress Lab and Lithium Auto Analyzer established.


Full component Hepatitis Serology (annual output 4915 tests), Capsule Endoscopy, Argon Plasma Coagulation and Interventional Gastroenterology Unit.
Pediatric Surgery State of Art modern Operation Theatre (OR-1).
Surgical Oncology Per Operative Ultra Sound Machine facilities and Molecular Oncology Lab.
Blood Bank Screening for Thalassaemia, Bact Alert, 5 part Hematology Analyzer and Bed Side Plasmapheresis facilities. Haemophilia Unit established.
Hospital Buildings Central Air Conditioning in various areas of Hospital such as Main OPD, Casualty, CCI Lab, Pediatric Ward, Special Ward, Radiology, Main OT.
General Surgery Acquisition of newer surgical armaments such as Ligasure, Harmonic Scalpel, Radio Frequency Ablation, C-Arm, Open Vascular Surgery, Hepatic & Pancreatic Resection.
Cardiology Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory being established.
Opthalmology Eye Bank facility for Corneal Transplant, new equipment like Digital Fundus Camera, Green Laser, Vitreactomy, Auto refractometer, Keratometer, Operating Microscope, Advanced Phako Machine etc acquired, Regular Corneal Transplants being performed.
Cardiothoracic Open Heart Surgery started on regular basis.
Urology Regular Kidney Transplant Programme, Lithotripsy, PCNL, URSL, Urodynamic Lab.
Neuro Surgery Neuron Navigation, Neuro Endoscopy.
Indian Medicine Wing National Resource Centre for Kshar Sutra under construction, Kriya Kalp Satva Pariksha, Sattvajaya unit (Psychotherapy and counseling), Introduction of Leech Therapy , Agni Karm Therapy and Modern Diagnostic tools like Ultra Sonography and Ophthalmic Equipment etc.



  1. “Vishram Kuteer” 1st phase (GF) inaugurated by Shri Kalraj Mishra.
  2. Construction of patient shelter area outside emergency OPD block.
  3. Construction of new Building for Paediatric Medicine, OPD.
  4. Renovation of AC in Special Ward A.
  5. Laying down of foundation stone for Trauma Center under PMSSY scheme
  6. Construction of LT substation including replacement of main LT Panel Board
  7. Providing 500 KVA additional transformer for future load.
  8. One more auto analyser & Myocard reader has been added in the CCI as donation from RFCL.
  9. Construction of Sulabh Toilets in Casualty.


  1. Construction of 1st floor of building for Paediatric Medicine OPD.
  2. Construction of Central Store Block 1st floor.
  3. Construction of IInd floor of Dental  Surgery under OBC scheme
  4. Construction of Cardiac Cath Lab.
  5. National Centre for Ksharsutra.
  6. Installation of new Phaco Emulsification Operative Unit in Eye Hospital.
  7. New building for 1.5 Tesla MRI.
  8. Construction of centre of excellence for ART
  9. Construction of Centralized Cash Collection Building.
  10. Expansion of Parking Area.


  1. HMIS
  2. CCTV for the security system of the Hospital.
  3. New Mortuary Building
  4. More Public toilets.
  5. Vehicle Parking 


  1. 750 KVA additional transformer
  2. Fully automatic steam sterilizer
  3. 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner
  4. Toray Hemodialysis Machine
  5. Dialysis Reprocessing Machine
  6. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant
  7. Biphasic Defibrillators
  8. Temporary Pacemaker facility
  9. Zeiss Operating Microscope
  10. Lighted retractors
  11. Blood Gas Analyzer
  12. Blood Cell Separator
  13. Multi parameter monitors
  14. ICU Ventilators
  15. External Pacemaker facility
  16. High speed portable autoclave