Sir Sunderlal Hospital


1924 -Foundation Stone of University Hospital laid by Maharaj Prabhu Narain Singh.
1925 -Hospital started functioning with 96 beds.
1927 -Ayurvedic College started
1960 -Modern Medicine discipline added
- College of Medical Sciences started
- Surgical Research Laboratory was established.
1962 - Traumatic Ward created
  -Department of Surgery was established
-Foundation stone of Traumatic Ward
1963 - School of Nursing Started
- Clinical Block and Medical Record Section were established.
1964 - Eye Hospital started
Visit of British Medical Council and Recognition
1965 - Children Hospital started
1966 - Extension of Maternity Ward.
- Laying Foundation Stone of Radiation Therapy Centre, Artificial Kidney Unit,
- Heart Lung Machine and Well Baby Clinic was established.
1967 - Inauguration of newly constructed Isolation Ward and Hospital Pharmacy
1968 - Inauguration of Radio Therapy Cobalt unit and Radiation Medicine Centre.
- Inauguration of Premature Baby Unit
- Starting of Central Sterilization Unit, Central Gas and Oxygen Supply Unit and Electro Convulsive Therapy Unit
1971 - Upgraded to Institute of Medical Sciences
- Inauguration of Department of Psychiatry by Professor G.M. Carstrairs, President, World Federation of Mental Health.
- Electroenephalograph (EEG) and Electromyography (EMG) services started functioning
- Establishment of Scanner at the Centre of Radiotherapy and Radiation Medicine.
- Foundation of new O.P.D. Building and 550 bed Indoor block hospital.
1976 - New Indoor & OPD Buildings commissioned
- Extension of Special Ward. (Air Conditioned Wing).
- Taking over the Leprosy and Tuberculosis Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre at Sarnath.
-Kerala type Panch Karma Ayurvedic Physiotherapeutic treatment.
- Occupation of the 550 bedded Ward Block for in-patients.
- It was only about seven years ago that the University grants Commission decided to finance the development program of this hospital which was hitherto financed by the State Government. The Development plan was divided into four phases.
- Construction of Operation theatre, X-Ray and Laboratory Block.
-Construction of Emergency and Accident Services, Hospital Kitchen, Laundry, Sterilization, Electric Sub-Station, Tube Well etc.
1978 - Super specialty services started
1979 - Centralised Clinical Investigation Lab Started
1981 - Therapeutic Upper GI Endoscopy started
1986 - Immunopathology unit upgraded to UGC Advanced Immundiagnostic Training and Research Centre.
1987 Diagnostic & Therapeutic ERCP started
1993 - Receipt of Advanced Equipments under JICA (30 Crores)
1995 - Addition of CT Scan
- Modernisation of Blood Bank & Component therapy started
1997 - Blood Bank with all the essential facilities was licensed by the Government of India
1998 - Superspeciality Departments of Plastic Surgery, Urology, Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Peadiatric Surgery, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiology, Nephrology.
2000 - Well equipped 16 bedded ICU established.
2001 - Regular renal transplantation project was undertaken
2002 MRI facility started
2002 "Dexa" Bone Densitometer Unit created
2005 - Faculty of Dental Sciences and department of Surgical Oncology were created
- Radio-imaging facility installed in Gastroenterology
- ART Centre established
2006 - Separate Neonatology building added
2006 Eight new departments were created in the Faculty of Ayurveda
Labor room was renovated
2009 - Trauma Centre under PMSSY founded
  - College of Nursing Started
- Open Heart Surgery Started.
2010 - 11 - Adequate provision of OPD patient stay including public convenience.
-Free emergency medicine and disposables in Casualty
-Outsourcing of Bio Medical Waste disposal
-Dietetic advice for OPD & Bed side consultation
-Vishram Kuteer
- CCTV in the hospital premises installed
- Adequate Hearse facility
- New 1.5 Tesla MRI under PMSSY scheme
- Cardiac Catheterization Lab
- Critical Care Ambulance (Mobile ICU Van)
- Blood Donation Ambulance