Ongoing and proposed research activities in progress

  • Corelation of Otoendoscopic and Otomicroscopic Findings in Attic Retraction Pockets.
  • Comparative Analysis of Aetiological Factors and Various Surgical Modalities in Management of DCR.
  • Audiometric Profile in Cases of Tinnitus with Intact Tympanic Membrane
  • Comparitive Study for the Efficacy of Imprint in Cytology Over Histopathology in   Head & Neck Ulcerated Lesion.
  • Hearing Screening in Neonate at Risk.
  • Evaluation of Attic Retraction Pockets and Cholesteatoma using Otomicroscopy, Otoendoscopy and CT Scan Imaging.



Computerized Pure Tone Audiometry
 Impedance Audiometry
Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometer (BERA)
Patients Attendance in ENT OPD ENT MALE WARD