Department of Neurology

Year of establishment: 1998

Neurology DepartmentThe specialty of Neurology started in 1966 and was upgraded to a Department in 1998. The DM course was started in 1976. The major research activities are in the areas of withdrawal of antiepileptic therapy, profile of Vito B 12 deficiency, clinicoradiological study of paraplegia and quadriplegia, profile of chronic epilepsy. The laboratory services offered by the Department for patient care and research are EEG, NCV, EMG, Evoked Potential studies, muscle and nerve biopsy, genetic analysis in collaboration with other centers. The department has been visited by distinguished guests like Dr N H Wadia, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and others. The Department plans to start I st Movement Disorder and Headache Clinic in UP and to upgrade the electro-physiology lab.
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