Kashi or Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world, known to exist from the ancient Vedic era. It is the cultural & literary capital of India since time immemorial. The history of Medical Education in Varanasi is at least 2500 years old. It has produced great scholars of Ayurveda like Divodas Dhanwantri and Charaka. It was here that the great Indian Surgeon Sushruta lived and practised Medicine and Surgery around the 5th century B.C. and also compiled his famous treatise, the "Sushruta Samhita". In this perspective it was but natural that Medical Education became one of the priorities of the then developing Banaras Hindu University way back in 1920. Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, our illustrious founder and great visionary had a foresight of imparting high status to the Ayurvedic System of Medicine.



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