Research Projects

Title of the Project PI Co PI Depart
Development of Novel... Treatment of genome Prof J.K.Pandit(PI) Dr Srikant Opthal
Identification of Micro array Dr Manoj Pandey Dr R.S. Garbyal Surg Onco
Clinical Evaluation of postpartum female Prof Manjari Dwivedi   Prasuti Tantra
Phase-I , open label,-healthy adults in India Prof Shyam Sunder Dr S P Singh Medicine
Estrogen - Replacement therapy Prof H.S.Shukla

Prof S C Mohapatra, Prof Usha ,Dr Rahul Khanna

Surgical Oncology
Genetic & Endocrine - of Interrex Prof S;K.Singh   Endocrine
WCK 771/800mg/P-II/Gm+ve CSSTIS/06 Dr Puneet Dr N.K.Agarwal Gen Surg
Mutational analysis-hyperbilirubinemia Dr Ashok Kumar   Pediatrics
Comparative evaluation - Leishmaniasis Prof Shyam Sunder Dr Madhukar Rai Medicine
Single nucleotide- its disease and spite specificity Dr G. Nath   Microbio
Implementation strategies for Visceral Leishmaniasistreatment in India.
Dr Shyam Sunder Dr. Madhukar Rai Medicine
Visceral Leishmaniasis in Bihar Stotes, India Prof Shyam Sunder Dr. Madhukar Rai Medicine
PPTCT M-21/42 Prof Sulekha pandey   obs & Gyn
Development of central facility for transmission infrastructural facilities Prof Gajendra Singh Dr Rajeev Raman, Prof J.K.Rai , Prof S.M.Singh, Dr D.Dash Anatomy
National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) funded ART CENTRE Prof Shyam Sunder Prof SP Singh Medicine
VCTC of HIV Aids Dr A.K.Gulati   Microbio
National Sentinel Surveillance Programme Dr AK Gulati   Microbio
Pexy Vs No Pexy ---for complete Rectal Prolapse - A randomize study Prof AK Khanna   Gen Surg
RSV Bronchiolitis study Dr OP Mishra   Pediatrics
Anti diabetic and --- Formulation in rats Prof R.K.Goel Prof V.K.Joshi Pharm & Darvyaguna

Efficacy, acceptability and cost-effectiveness of long lasting insecticidal nets in the prerention of Kala-azar

Prof Shyam sunder Dr SP Singh Medicine
Comparative evaluation of PCR primers in diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis and past kala azar leishmaniasis
Dr. Madhukar Rai
Phase-I. open -label. dose escalating study to evaluate the safety, tolerahility. immunogenicity of the Leish- III.f + MPL-SE vaccine in healthy adults in India
Dr. Madhukar Rai
Elucidation of the insulin signaling pathway in human platelets (CSIR)
Prof. D. Dash   Biochemistry
Role and regulation of Bruton's tyrosine kinase and its association with apoptosis pathway in the activated platelets (ICMR)

Prof. D. Dash   Biochemistry
Mutational analysis of hereditary blood disorders…… in Indian population (ICMR)
Prof. D. Dash   Biochemistry
Regulation of platelet cytoskeletal organization by Rho family GTPases and associated molecules (DST)
Prof. D. Dash   Biochemistry
Molecular regulators of platelet apoptosis
Prof. D. Dash   Biochemistry
Unit of Nanoscience and Technology Program (UNANST) (DST)

Prof. D. Dash   Biochemistry