Nicholas Roerich   Gallery
  Potrait of Nicholas Roerich by Dr S.Roerich    
    The Gallery presents twelve oil paintings on canvas of Nicholas Roerich and three paintings of his son S. Roerich. These paintings were acquired through donation in the thirties of this century from them. The paintings document the impressions of Nicholas of the Landscapes of Himalayas and of Tibet. Known as the Master of Mountains, Nicholas evinced his remarkable sense of colours in his creations. He judiciously and harmoniously made use of azure, green, grey, ochre and reddish-brown colours in his paintings that created a magical effect. All his paintings convey the songs of the wild, of lofty, mountains, of mystery and beauty in rare and brilliant colours.
The paintings of Nicholas include Falling Star, Tibetan Stupa, Journey on Yak, Charaka (Medicine Man), Kalki-Avatara, A scene of Compassion, Buddha, the Giver etc. The temple of Tripura Sundari, Pilgrims , and the portrait of Nicholas Roerich were done with left hand and expertise by S. Roerich
  Buddha: The Giver