University's Kulgeet

Hindi Version

English Version
So sweet serene, infinitely beautiful
This is the presiding center of all learning
Radiant Kashi, wonder of the three worlds
Treasure-Chest of Jnana , Dharma and Satya
Nesting on Ganga`s bank, center of all disciplines.
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
No Recent work of brick and stone
Primordial design of divinity alone
Mansions of Vidya, center of all creation.
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
Clear here is the doctrine pure
Truth first, then only one' self
Home of Harishchandra, Truth's testing ground.
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
The voice of God in Vedic record
Constant Inspiration for soul-accord
Work-shop of Veda Vyasa, center freedom for Bhrahma Vidya
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
Find here the steps of freedom
Tread here the path of Dharma
Flaming trail Budha`s and Shankara`s center for philosopher-kings.
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
Life-Giving waters of Varuna and Assi
Sustenance of Kabir and Tulsi
Fountainhead of eloquent speech and poetry.
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
Music, Economics, other arts so many
Maths, Mining, Medicine and Chemistry
Fraternal forum of East and West , university in trust sense.
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
Patriotism of Malviyaji
His intrepidity and energy
All in youthful manifestation, centre for men of action
(So sweet, serene, infinitely beautiful)
Written By Dr S.S.Bhtnagar

Writer of Kulgeet

Dr Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar one of the most renowned scientist from India was a member of the academic staff of the Science College BHU, teaching Chemistry much before 1930.
The Britisher honored him for his Scientific acumen and exemplary contribution to the Scientific world, by conferring him the title of Knighthood and he became Sir S.S.Bhatnagar he had an extraordinary command on Hindi, English and Urdu literature as well and he was a natural poet writing spontaneous Urdu poetry and he has witten the BHU Anthem Madhur Monohar ............



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