Dean's Desk

The Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University has a 100 years old history which is incomparable to any traditional institution in this country. We offer professional diplomas, undergraduate and post graduate programmes in the form of courses in wide areas of legal studies. The Law School has a well qualified, experienced and committed faculty. The highly pragmatic and progressive environment developed by the talented faculty is conducive for the development of learning, enhancement of knowledge and skill. We believe in providing close to life experience based teaching and learning techniques.

This fine law institution has produced great legal luminaries in the past and continues to produce the world's greatest minds to serve in the legal field. We, at Law School, Banaras Hindu University, are not leaving any stone unturned to prepare our students for their bright future prospects. The Law School, Banaras Hindu University has throughout the years made valuable contributions to the legal education in the country and has been continuously holding a reputation for educational excellence and academic rigor. The Law School (Faculty of Law) is a prominent faculty of the university. It has accorded name and fame to the university at the global level.

We are making all out efforts to see that our students are given legal education to successfully compete in the large avenues open to them. As such, the courses are tailored accordingly from time to time and now the young teachers, appointed on permanent basis, are training them to rise above the expectations of the market. Law School BHU is always concerned with the all-around development of the students and has made available to them, all the necessary facilities and amenities to become worthy citizens of India.

I am also happy to say that most of them have interned in the various prestigious institutions and law firms of the country. Further, they have taken part in prestigious moot court competitions and some of them brought laurels to the University. They also took part in sports competitions and other extra-curricular activities, adding to their personality development.

As a guardian and teacher, I believe that Law School BHU will inspire and bring out the best in you and nurture you for a passionate legal career. I am proud to be a part of this institution and truly believe that all the students will bring laurels to Law School BHU. It is my sincere hope to have more brilliant minds join our institution in the coming future.

Prof. R.P. Rai
Head and Dean
Law School, Banaras Hindu University