Library Regulation and Team

Library Regulation

  1. Timings: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM
  2. Student Book Loan Library: Student book loan library is a unit of law library. Collection of this unit is 3917 books. The unit established by donation of the Savita Paramkirti Saran Kothiwala Trust. Two books may be issued to each student at a time. The unit receives budget from three sources:
    Donation from Trust Rs. 5000.00
    Matching Grant from BHU Rs. 5000.00
    Donation from Students @ 10% of Book cost issued to them.
  3. Book Bank for Social Welfare (for SC/ST Students): Book bank for social Welfare has 8955 books for welfare of the students, who belong to SC/ST category. These books were provided by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Ten books may be issued to each student, who belongs to said category.

Library Team

  1. Ram Kumar Dangi - Assistant Librarian & In-charge
  2. Chunni Lal - Professional Assistant (PA)
  3. Prabhat Kumar - Professional Assistant (PA)
  4. Brij Pal - Semi-Professional Assistant (SPA)
  5. Dayalu Nath Upadhyay - Semi-Professional Assistant (SPA)
  6. Girish Chandr - Semi-Professional Assistant (SPA)
  7. Indra Kumar Singh- Library Attendant
  8. Bhupendra Singh - Library Attendant