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Banaras Law Journal Vol 37 & 38 Jan. 2008 Dec.2009 No. 1&2

Criminal Justice and Acid Victim in The Indian Context T.S.N.Sastry 5-13
Developmental Invasion in Endeavoring ‘Right to Life’ of Forest Dwellers in India – Can the Contemporary Forest Conservation Law Prevent it? Rathin Bandyopadhyay & Dhiraj Subedi 14-23
Law, Literature and Justice: Exploring New Horizons Gangotri Chakraborty 23-24
Public Participation: An Imperative to the Sustainable Development of the Nigerian  Oil Industry AKO Rhuks Temitope & A.A. Adedeji 34-54
DNA Finger Printing and Criminal Justice Pradeep Singh 55-64
Reverse Discrimination in Favour of other Backward classes: Some Reflections Ajendra Srivastava 65-84
Combating the Scourge of HIV/AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa: The Imperative of Looking Beyond Intellectual Property Rights Barrier to Pharmaceuticals A. A.A dedeji 85-101
Legal Scenario Relating to the Role and Responsibility of the Internet Service Providers in India: An Assessment Smt. Jyothi Vishwanath  & Srinivas C. Palakonda 102-121
Criminalization of Politics and Convictional Disqualification S.N.Sharma 122-131
Principles of International Environmental Law and Judicial Response in India Shailendra Kumar Gupta 132-145
Human Rights in Criminal Justice System in India Avimanyu Behera 146-155
International Environmental Law: Concepts and Issues A.K.Pandey 156-166

Interpretation of Statutes (1st Ed., 2006) By B.M.Gandhi, Eastern Book Company, Lucknow, Pp.xxix +217, Price Rs.165/=

Dharmendra Kumar Mishra 167-169
Uniform Civil Code (2007) B.K.C. Jena, The Law, Neem Chauri Cuttack, pp.V+10, Price Rs.195/= Bibha Tripathi 177-172