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Name Title of the Project Amount of the Project Funding Agency
1. Prof. G.P.Verma, Professor in Law. "Human Rights of the Aged Legal Issues, Challenges and Need for Empowerment". Rs.9,96,000.00 U.G.C., New Delhi
2.Prof. D.P.Verma, Professor in Law "Concept of Dharma and Human Rights Jurisprudence". Rs.7,38,000.00 U.G.C.,New Delhi
3. Dr. Sukh Pal Singh, Professor of Law "Techno-Legal Problems and Prospects of Bio-Medical Waste Management: A Case /Research Study with Reference State of Uttar Pradesh". Rs.48,85,000.00 Ministry of Environment& Forests, Govt. of India,New Delhi.
4. Dr. A.K.Pandey, Reader in Law "Infertility Clinics and the Law in India:Challenges and Prospects". Rs.11,05,000.00 (App.) Ministry of Science and Technology of Social Empowerment,University GrantsCommission,Ministry of Health.
5. Dr. Ali Mehdi, Reader in Law Identification of the Women's RightRelated Legal Issues and Legal Literacy in Kashi Vidya Peeth Block of District Varanasi. Rs.9,85,000.00 U.G.C., New Delhi
6.Dr. V.S.Mishra Senior Lecturer Protection of Water Bodies and Regulatory Measures: A Case Study Varanasi and Adjoining Areas Rs. 7,06,100 U.G.C., New Delhi
Sanctioned and Completed
7.Dr. Ajendra Srivastava Reader in Law & Shri Rajnish Kr. Singh, Lecturer in Law The Regulation of Hazardous and Municipal Wastes in Major Cities of North India : Issues and Perspectives Rs.10,62,000.00 U.G.C., New Delhi.