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Looking to the serious Pollution Problems of Mother Ganga & Global Water Crisis and urgent need of Ganga Rejuvenation, Rain Water Harvesting, Ground Water Recharging & Management of all Water Resources, the Malaviya Research Centre for Ganga, River Development and Water Resource Management has decided that the Academic Session 2016-2017 of the Centenary Year of the Banaras Hindu University, will be observed as GANGA REJUVENATION & WATER CONSERVATION AWARENESS  YEAR 2016-2017

Topics of  Awareness Program :
  1. Rejuvenation of river Ganga: ecological issues and challenges
  2. Impact of climate change on water resources
  3. Environmental legislation and water crisis
  4. Impact of water pollution on community health
  5. Strategies to reduce, reuse and recycling of wastewater
  6. Need of water conservation strategies in agricultural practices
  7. Scope of rain water harvesting and ground water recharging
  8. Role of educational institutions in water crisis management
  9. Ancient Indian socio-cultural & religious practices for river conservation
  10. Women participation in river Ganga & water conservation programmes
  11. Eco-friendly technologies for municipal wastewater & industrial effluent treatment

Documentary Show :
Scientific Search on Ganga released by the National Academy of Sciences in Hindi and
Harvesting Rain: A Silent Move, in English & Hindi, produced by Professor B.D. Tripathi.

Ganga Rejuvenation & Water Conservation Awareness Year 2016-2017