Dr. T.R. Rao

Ph.D (BHU)
Contact Information:
Email Id:drtrrao@gmail.com

Academic Qualifications:
S. No.DegreeInstitutionYear
1.B.Sc.Andhra Loyola College,Andhra University1971
2.M.Sc.Banaras Hindu University 1973
3.Ph.D.Banaras Hindu University1977
Area of specialization/awards/achievements:

  1. Chemistry / Coordination Chemistry: Synthesis and structural studies of new coordination complexes of various hetero-aromatic Schiff bases with 3d and 4f metal ions employing novel synthetic routes
  2. Chemistry / Supra-molecular Chemistry: Synthesis and structural studies of novel mesogenic ligands and metallo mesogens of transition and lanthanide metal ions.
  3. The Research group of Prof. T. R. Rao has made significant contributions in frontier areas of Coordination Chemistry. The group has synthesized a large number of Crystalline Inorganic Compounds employing novel synthetic routes. Additionally, over the period of last 6-8 years various mesogenic ligands involving different substituents and their metallo mesogens were synthesized with a view to understand the structure-composition-property relationships. Various complementary techniques such as NMR, IR, UV-VIS spectroscopy, Mass, Magnetic Susceptibility, DSC, XRD etc. were employed for detailed structural characterization
Current Research Projects:
S. No.Name of the Project DurationSource of FundingAmount of Funding (Rs)
1Synthesis, magnetism and structural studies of rare earth metal-containing liquid crystal systems derived from Schiff bases 01-4-1997 to 30-9-2000 C.S.I.R. [Sanction letter No.01(1437)/97/EMR-II] 4,64,000.00
2Mesogenic Complexes of Cu, Ag and Au: Studies on synthesis, structure and mesogenic properties16-4-2003 to 31-3-2006 C.S.I.R. [Sanction letter No.01(1834)/03/EMR-II dt. 12-3-2003] 6,63,000.00
3Lanthanide and Transition Metal Complexes as Building Blocks for Magnetic Liquid Crystals01-07-2003 to 30-6-2006 U.G.C. [Sanction letter No.F.12-26/2003 (SR) dt. 31-3-2003] 5,37,000.00
4Design, synthesis, characterization and study of rare earth and transition metal-containing magnetic liquid crystals 07th Dec. 2005 to 06th Jun 2009DST [Sanction letter No.SR/S1/IC-26/2004 dt. 24-10-2005] 9,36,000.00
5Studies on Some Lighter and Heavier Transition Metal Complexes of Mesogenic Salen-type LigandsDec. 2009 Sep. 2012 CSIR [Sanction letter No. [01(2321)/09/EMR-II dated 26-11-2009] 10,00,000.00
Details of Ph.D.(s) awarded: 13
Any additional information:
  • Head of the Department,Dept. of Chemistry, BHU Jan 2009 – Sep 2010
  • International Students Advisor,International Centre, BHU 2004-2008
  • Professor-in-charge,Training & Placement Office, Faculty of Science, BHU 2002-2006
  • Coordinator,Academic Staff College, BHU 1998-2000
  • Admn. Warden,Dr. C. P. R. Aiyar Hostel, BHU 1996-2004
  • Warden / Admn.Warden,International House Complex 1991-1994

List of 10 major Publications:

  1. Synthesis and Spectral studies of the mesogenic Schiff-base, N,N’-di-(4’-pentyloxybenzoate) salicylidene-l, 8-diamino-3,6-dioxaoctane and Crystal Structure of the Zn(II) complex, Angad Kumar Singha, Sanyucta Kumaria, K. Ravi Kumarb, B. Sridharb and T. R. Raoa*, Department of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India; bIndian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India, Polyhedron, 27, (2008) 181-186.
  2. Ligational Aspects of the Hydrazide-based Schiff base, N-(4’’-pyridylcarboxamido)-4-(4’-hexyloxybenzoato)salicylaldimine towards some 3d metal ions and Crystal Structures of the Schiff base and Zn(II) Complex, Angad Kumar Singha, Sanyucta Kumaria, K. Ravi Kumarb, B. Sridharb and T. R. Raoa*, aDepartment of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India; bIndian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India, Polyhedron,27, (2008) 1937–1941
  3. Coordination of a Mesogenic Schiff-Base with MnII, CoII, NiII, CuII and ZnII: Synthesis, Spectral Studies and Crystal Structures Angad Kumar Singh, Sanyucta Kumari, T. N. Guru Row, Jai Prakash, K. Ravi Kumar, B. Sridhar and T. R. Rao, Polyhedron 27 (2008) 3710-3716
  4. Synthesis, Spectral and Electrochemical Studies of Co(II) and Zn(II) Complexes of a Novel Schiff base Derived from PyridoxalArchana Prasad, Ch. Parameswara Rao, Swati Mohan, Angad Kumar Singh, Rajeev Prakash and T. R. Rao*, Synth. React. Inorg. Nanometal Chem., 39, 129-132, (2009)
  5. Fluorescent lanthanide complexes of Schiff base ligands possessing N-aryl moiety: influence of chain length on crossover (calamitic to discotic) phase behaviour, Nandiraju V. S. Rao; Trirup D. Choudhury; Rahul Deb; Manoj K. Paul; Thatavarthi R. Rao; Tuluri, Francis; Ivan I. Smalyukh, Liquid Crystals,37, 2010, 1393–1410
  6. “Complexes of Some 3d Metal Ions of the Schiff’s Base, N,N’-di-4-(4’-pentyloxybenzoate)salicylidene-1’’,3’’-diamino-2’’-propanol: Synthesis and Spectral Studies” Angad Kumar Singh, Sanyucta Kumari, Pawan Raj Shakya and T. R. Rao, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2011, 31, 1111-1114.
  7. “Synthesis and Spectral Studies on Some 3d Metal Complexes of a Mesogenic Ligand, N-(4’’’-n-butylphenyl)-4-(4’-hexyloxybenzoate) salicylaldimine” Angad Kumar Singh, Sanyucta Kumari and T. R. Rao, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2011, 31, 1144-1147
  8. Synthesis, structure, UV–Vis–IR spectra, magnetism and theoretical studies on CuII[(2-aminomethyl)pyridine](thiocyanate)2 and comparisons with an analogous CuII complex, Madhulata Shukla, Nitin Srivastava, Satyen Saha, T. R. Rao, Sailaja Sunkari, Polyhedron, 30, 2011, 754-763.
  9. Homo dinuclear Lanthanide(III) complexes of a mesogenic Schiff-base, N,N’-di-(4-decyloxysalicylidene)-1’,6’-diamino- hexane: synthesis and characterizationPawan Raj Shakya, Angad Kumar Singh and T. R. Rao, Spectro-chimica Acta: A, 2011, 1654-1659.

Membership of Academic Bodies:

  1. Life Member, Indian Chemical Society [F/2200]
  2. Life Member, Chemical Research society of India [LM041]
  3. Life Member, Indian Liquid Crystal Society [L-0279]
  4. Life Member, Indian Science Congress association [L-2631]
  5. Life Member, Institution of Chemists, India