Assistant Professor
Dr. Narender Verma
(Res.): h/o Shri B.N. Mishra, 53 Mahamanapuri Colony,
[near Vodaphone Tower, Opp. Banaras Hindu University]
Varanasi, UP 221005.
Tel.: 0542-2575060 (LL); Cell: 0-9956 949406.

Academic Qualifications
S.No.Degree Institution Year
i M.A. Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan 2000
ii Ph.D. Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan 2008
iii UGC- NET University Grants Commission, New Delhi June 2004
Area of Specialisation:
Physical Geography, Remote Sensing and GIS.

List of major publications:
  1. Verma, N. 2009. The study of changes in the land use and land cover around Sidhi in Son River Valley using IRS I-A (LISS-II) satellite imagery- Conference Proceedings, 30th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2009, Beijing, China: pp 281-285.
  2. Verma, N. 2010. Geography and disaster management- Seminar Proceedings, International Seminar on Strategic Management of Energy Environment and Disaster for Sustainable Development, Department of Management Studies and Department of Geography, BHU, Varanasi: pp 500-507.
  3. Verma, N. 2010. Climate change, glacial recession in the Himalayas and its impact on the Indian economy; in, Singh, T.D. (ed.) Population, Development and Environment: A Contemporary Debate. Concept Publishing House, New Delhi: pp. 371-386.
  4. Verma, N. 2012. Disaster management in India, National Geographical Journal of India, 58(3): pp. 59-70.
  5. Dash, P., Aggarwal, S.P., Verma, N. 2013. Sub-basin scale hydrologic response assessment through morphometric analysis: A case study of Sirsa basin, western Himalaya, India. i-manager’s Journal on Civil Engineering (JCE), 3(1)
  6. Jaiswal, J., Verma, N. 2013. Land use change detection in Baragaon block, Varanasi district using remote sensing, International Journal of Engineering Science Invention, 2(7): pp. 49-53.
  7. Jaiswal, J., Verma, N. 2013. The study of Land-use/Land cover in Varanasi district using remote sensing and GIS, Transaction, 35(20): pp 201-208
  8. Dash, P., Aggarwal, S.P., Verma, N. 2013. Correlation based morphometric analysis to understand drainage basin evolution: A case study of Sirsa river basin, western Himalaya, India, Scientific Annals of Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Of Iasi Tom Lix, Nr.1, S. Iic, Romania 29(1): pp. 35-58
  9. Dash, P., Aggarwal, S.P., Verma, N., Ghosh, S. 2013. Investigation of scale dependence and geomorphic stages of evolution through hypsometric analysis: A case study of Sirsa basin, western Himalaya, India, Geocarto International, Taylor and Francis Group, available online on
  10. Rathore, N.S., Verma, N. 2013. Impact of climate change in southern Rajasthan, Conference Proceedings, 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Arid Environment 2013, Riyad, Saudi Arabia: pp. 201-208
  11. Jaiswal, J., Verma, N. 2014. Assessment of artificial groundwater recharge structure based on surface spreading technique using remote sensing and GIS: A micro-level study in Baragaon Block, Varanasi District, Journal of Geo-Environment Observer, Siliguri, 3(1): pp. 3-9

Additional information/ Achievements:
Completed 3months training in Geospatial Technology & Applications at National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), Hyderabad from 3rd June 2013 - 23rd August 2013.

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