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Phone: 05422360896(R), 05426701382(C), 9450950874(M)
E Mail: dr.rbyadav@gmail.com; rambilas@bhu.ac.in

Academic Qualifications
S.No.Degree Institution Year
i M.Sc. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 1976
ii Ph.D. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 1981
Area of Specialisation:
Applied Geography: Hydrology, Environmental Studies, Remote Sensing and GIS

Award/ recognitions/ International Fellow/ Membership  

CSIR Research Fellow, Life member: NAGI and NGSI

List of selected/ major publications (Max. 10; in perfect/full citation):

1."Rural Drinking Water Problem in Drought Prone Area of Varanasi District'' in N.B.K. Reddy, ed. Proceedings of the All India Symposium on Drought Prone Area of India. Tirupati. S.V.G.S. Publi., Tirupati, (1979), pp. 391-396.

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Additional information/ Achievements:  

Experience in Educational Administration :

(i) Worked as Proctor from 1989 to 1999 and also 2001 to 2004.
(ii) Confidential work [Tabulator) in Controller of Examinations (2002 onward).
(iii) Additional Superintendent of U.G. & P.G. Examination of Faculty of Science since till date.
(iv) Working as Observer from session 2001-02 till date of the university examination (U.G./P.G. and UET/PET).
(v) Course Coordinator of II Refresher Course in Geography organized by Academic Staff College, Banaras Hindu University, Nov.-Dec., 2005.
(vi) Course Coordinator for every year in Semester Examination of M.A./M.Sc. Geography.
(vii) Student Advisor, Faculty of Science, B.H.U.

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