Virendra Kumar Kumra

R-31, Hyderabad Colony, BHU, Varanasi
0-9415 336706 (M), 0-542-2575638 (R) ; 0-542-6701394 (O)
Academic Qualifications
S.No.Degree Institution Year
i M.Sc. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 1975
ii P.h.D. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 1979
Area of Specialisation:
Environmental Studies, Applied Geography and Regional Planning, Quantitative Methods

Award/ recognitions: 
1. JRF of CSIR: 1975-1977.
2. Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship at University of Cambridge, UK : 1989-1990

List of selected/ major publications (Max. 10; in perfect/full citation):

  1. Kanpur City: A Study in Environmental Pollution, 1982,Tara Book Agency, Varanasi
  2. Forest, Resource, Economy & Environment, 1986, in co-authorship with A.K. Singh and J. Singh, Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi
  3. Environmental Studies, 1986 in coauthorship with S.L. Kayastha, Tara Book Agency, Varanasi
  4. Air Pollution Problems in Kanpur City' with S.L. Kayastha. in Indian Journal of Air Pollution Control. Vol.1, 1978, pp38-42.
  5. Noise as a factor in Environmental pollution: Kanpur City' with S.L.Kayastha, Philippines Geographical Journal, 1980, Vol.XXIX No.3, pp127-142
  6. Pollution from Chemical, Plastic and Rubber Industry: A case Study of Kanpur City' with R.Singh, in Chemical Age of India, 1980, pp1143-1144.
  7. A Geographical Study of Sanitation and Health Problems in Slums of Varanasi; in Geographic Medica, Hungary, Vol.24, 1994, pp9-25
  8. Utilisation Pattern of Health Care Facilities in Rural Areas of Varanasi' with J.Singh, in Geographical Review, India. Calcutta. Vol.57, No.2, June 1995, pp156-168.
  9. An Appraisal of Urban Environmental Problems and Suggestions for Improvement of Kanpur Region: A Case Study' co-author, in Problems of the Environment of Urbanised Areas. Edited by I.P. Gerasimov, Nauka Publishers, Moscow, 1984, pp105-112.
  10. Water Quality in the River Ganges', in Water and Quest for Sustainable Development in the Ganges Valley, Edited by G.P. Chapman and M. Thompson, Mansell Publication Company, London, U.K., 1995, pp130-140.
Additional information/ Achievements:

1.Chief Warden City Delegacies: 2004-05
2.Worked as Dean of Students, BHU: 2005-2008
3.Worked as Registrar, BHU : Sep. 2011- Oct. 2012

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