University's Seal and Its brief Description

Is the Goddess of Learning, wisdom and knowledge. Her vedic name was also Bharati. Form - white. She represents par excellence the ideals of Indian culture, all that is vest in her Philosophy, Religion, Life and Art. She is the Shakti, the propelling energy of Brahma, the Creator and all that has been created.
Hansa and Water-Saraswati, literally "born on waters" has the deepest association with water. In the Vedic period Saraswati was the most sacred river of India and so is she even today. "Saras" means a pool of water , the eternal pond of immortak fluid of "Amrit", i.e. , Nector. That pool is called "Bharma Sara", i.e. the pond of Bhraman the fountain sources of all cosmic potential that is natural and beyond nature. Saraswati is born of this fountain and hence the name "Saraswati" the over-flow of that eternal ocean of nector. Hansa symbolizes the individual Soul. According to the Upanishads,the Hansa in the body becomes extrovert and takes to feed from outside. That loving feed is the Lotus, Kamal . Its petals and stalk are relished by the Swan bird (Hansa). The perfect Souls become "Paramhansa", the great Swans whose power of flight thought and vision are much above the ordinary.
The end of all knowledge is the attainment of immortality, i.e. the quest of Death, victory over the fear of becoming helpless victim of cosmic process of disintegration, decay and disease and death.

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This is the BHU Emblem - Saraswati playing Veena on Hansa and Kamal , encircled in Omkara, confers Amritam- immortality through Vidya - is a work of art be speaking in the eloquent language of Hindu Symbolism the educational and cultural ideals of the University.
Goddess Saraswati is framed in (Om), in the University emblem . Omkara is the quint essence of the Vedas , the summum bonum of all knowledge.
Om - A UM is the symbol of Light (Sattva) Activity (Rajas) and Stupor (Thamas) (the three gunas). This OM is within the Universe and beyond it , because in the dual aspect OM of the BHU emblem encompasses the body of Saraswati and is also outside it, enveloping it from all sides, or keeping her in womb