Registration fee (on or before October 15, 2004): US $150 for those residing outside India (US $75 for the students), and Rs. 500 for those residing in India (Rs. 300 for the students).

The registration fee will include the workshop/conference registration package, lunch and dinner for all the three days, two coffee breaks each day, the conference banquet, transportation from the place of stay to the venue of the conference and accommodation (for Indian participants only), etc.

The Indian participants who do not require any local hospitality will be given a special rebate of Rs. 150/-.

The members of ISBA, Indian Chapter of ISBA and Indian Bayesian Society are entitled to get reduced rates for their registration charges. The reduced rates are US $ 125 for those residing outside India (US $60 for the students) and Rs. 400 (Rs. 200 for the students) for those residing in India provided the amount is paid before October 15, 2004.

Please add 20% extra in the registration amount if the same is paid after October 15, 2004. We suggest you to go for early confirmation so that we can provide you the best possible local hospitality.

Participants are required to fill-in the registration form and send the same with payment to S.K. Upadhyay, Convener.

Registration Form

Contact address (including e-mail and residence phone number):
Title of Talk/Paper* to be presented:
Accommodation required:
(Please tick one of the following)
i. University accommodation
ii. Hotel accommodation (mention your specific requirement, if any):
Whether interested to join preparatory/tutorial programme (for Indian participants only): Yes/No
(Please send a brief CV if interested to join preparatory/tutorial programme)

Number of accompanying persons (please provide the details):
Date and Time of arrival at Varanasi:
Date and Time of departure from Varanasi:
Mode of travel to and from Varanasi: Air/Train
Whether interested to join (please tick appropriately)**:
a. Cultural programme and Dinner (January 5, 2005)
b. Boating and Dinner at Peshwa Haveli (January 6, 2005)
c. Early morning visit to river Ganges (January 9, 2005)
d. Excursion to Sarnath (January 9, 2005)
Details of cheque/draft enclosed-
Cheque/Draft no.
Issuing Bank:

* Papers will be reviewed before it is accepted for presentation.
** Indian participants are required to pay Rs. 350/-, Rs. 450/-, Rs. 150/- and Rs. 550/- extra for items a, b, c and d, respectively.

(Please type and complete the above format and send it back to the Convener before October 15, 2004).


All payments be made through cheques/bank draft(s) in the name of "Convener, IWCBSA", payable at Varanasi. Please add appropriate bank clearance charges in all out station cheques. You can also transfer your amount directly to the account number 8947 (in the name of "Convener, IWCBSA") at the Bank of Baroda, Banaras Hindu University branch, Varanasi-221 005, India, with intimation to the Convener.

To facilitate our non-Indian participants, we have arranged the on-line payment of registration and hotel deposit. In this connection, the ISBA treasurer Prof. Peter
Mueller has offered to collect credit card payments through ISBA, and forward the same to the conference organizers.

The on-line form is up and running:

Early Booking for International Travel:

We advise you to finalize your travel plan at your earliest and hold your bookings preferably before August, 2004 in order to have confirmed seats in the flights. As mentioned, India attracts many foreign tourists in the months of December-January and so you might be in trouble if wait for the last date.