Scope and Objectives:

In the last two to three decades, there have been tremendous developments in Bayesian Theory, Methodology, Computation and Applications. As a result, the Bayesian Statistics has emerged as one of the important statistical paradigm capable of dealing with all kinds of problems arising from different scenarios.

The Conference is aimed to provide a platform where young statisticians may interact with the subject experts coming from both within the country and outside and, as such, may develop appropriate new methods and theories to suit their own needs. It is expected that Bayesian Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications will be further consolidated as a result of this interaction.

The Conference is combined with a Workshop on Bayesian Statistics and its Applications. The aim of the Workshop is to provide some sort of training to young researchers and practicing statisticians who are unaware with most of the recent developments and, as a result, not able to apply such improved techniques in solving their own complexities. The young researchers will find an amicable environment where they can discuss their problems with the International experts.