Preparatory/Tutorial Bayesian Lectures for the Indian participants of the International Workshop/Conference (January 4-5, 2005)

We have also finalized a Bayesian training programme based on preparatory/tutorial lectures for young Indian participants during January 4-5, 2005. The programme is intended to develop Bayesian awareness among the participants and to help them understand the insights of Bayesian paradigm. It is expected that this training programme will help the participants to form a basis for understanding the advanced techniques to be discussed in the main workshop/conference.

A.K. Bansal (University of Delhi), Mohan Delampady (ISI, Bangalore), Dipak Dey (University of Connecticut, USA), David Draper (University of California, USA), Malay Ghosh (University of Florida, USA), J.K. Ghosh (ISI, Calcutta), Tapas Samanta (ISI, Calcutta), and S.K. Upadhyay (Banaras Hindu University) have consented to provide such a training programme. Attempts are being made to contact other resource persons for the aforementioned programme.

A nominal charge of Rs. 400 is expected for the above training programme from the participants. The amount will include accommodation, lunch, two tea or coffee breaks and the training material. Only a limited number of seats are available, so the interested participants are advised to contact the Convener without waiting for the last date in order to confirm their participation. The last date for the receipt of application is July 31, 2005.