Dr. Ashok Pratap Singh

Department of Psychology
DG/R-1, Tulsidas Colony, BHU Campus, Varanasi-221005, U.P.
0542-2369967 0542-2369780 09415222327

Academic Qualifications
Sl. No. Degree Institution Year
1 P. G. Banaras Hindu University 1970
2 Ph.D. Banaras Hindu University 1974

A. Teaching experience (in years): 43 Years

B. Areas of specialization: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Stress Management, Human Resource Development and Management.

C. Number of M. Phil/Ph. D supervised: 30

D. Number of publications (National/International): 125

E. Major publications (Selected)

Amish &Singh, A. P. (2014). The moderating role of social support in the relationship between life events stress and depression. Social Science International. 30 (1), 1-13

Singh, A. K., &Singh, A. P. (2010). Personality development among executives: A career stage perspective. Asian Journal of Arts and Sciences,1, 96-108.

Srivastava, U. R., &Singh, A. P. (1999). The role of social support in stress and health outcomes among Indian managerial personnel. In T. Sugiman (Ed.) Progress in Asian Social Psychology, vol. 2 (pp. 157-178). Seol: KyoyookKwahaksa

Singh, A. P., Singh, R. B., Singh, U. B., &Pestonjee, D. M. (1981). Personality and physical abilities: An empirical investigation. International Journal of Sports Psychology, 12, 39-51

Singh, S. P., Singh, A. P.,&Pestonjee, D.M. (1977). Supervisory orientation and employee's morale. Journal of Occupational Psychology, 50 (2), 85-91.

F. Research projects

Funded from:

Indian Council Social Science Research, New Delhi (Completed)

University Grants Commission, New Delhi (Completed)

Ministry of Steel, Mines & Coal, New Delhi (Completed)

Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi (Completed)

D.R.D.O. New Delhi (Completed)

G. Conference/symposia/seminars attended:
National-46, International-14 

National conferences:

1. National Seminar on Mental Health Challenges and Remedial Approaches, Feb. 15-16, 2014 organized by Department of psychology, GurukulKangri University, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

2. Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Health Psychology: Indian Perspective, February 01-03, 2014, School of Studies in Psychology, Pt. RavishankarShukla University, Raipur (Chhattisgarh), India.

3. 47th National and 16th International conference of IAAP on ‘ Applied Psychology in transforming Education and management Sciences in the Context of Globalization dated 15-17 June 2012 at Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Cochin.

4. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Psychology: An Indian Perspective, January 6-8, 2011, MLB College, Barkattulla University, Bhopal.

5. 46nd National and 15th International Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology on ‘Life skills for enhancing quality of life, Feb. 4-6, 2011.Dept. of Psychology, Mysore University, Mysore.

6. National Conference on Recent Advancement in Cognitive Science, December 19 to 21, 2008, Department of Psychology, BHU, Varanasi

7. U. G. C. sponsored National Seminar on Stress Management: Psycho-social intervention, March 7, 2008, Department of Psychology, VKS University, Ara.

8. National Seminar on Positive Perspective on Health and Behaviour, Feb. 1-2, 2008, Dept. of Psychology, Rohtak, Harayana.

9. U. G. C. sponsored National Seminar on Revamping Mental Health Programme, Feb. 23-24, 2008, T. D. College, Jaunpur.

10. 42nd National Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology on ‘Applied Psychology for a Peaceful World, Feb. 15-17, 2007.Dept. of Psychology, J. M. I. New Delhi.

11. National seminar on ‘Psychophysiology of well-being’, March 28-29, 2006, Department of Psychology, M. D. University, Rohtak.

12. National seminar on ‘Promoting psychological well-being across the life span’, February 22-24, 2006, Department of Psychology, SAP-DRS (Phase-II), Osmania University, Hyderabad.

13. 41th National Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology on ‘Innovative dimension of applied psychology: Counselling for development, February 16-18, 2006, NITTTR, Chennai.

14. National symposium on ‘Contemporary psychosocial problems and intervention strategy’, February 09, 2006, Department of Psychology, BHU.

15. National seminar on ‘Management practices and mental health: Current perspective’, December 10, 2005, Department of Psychology, BHU.

16. 40th National Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology on ‘Applied Indian Psychology: Retrospect and Prospect’, March 07-09, 2005, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya.

17. National Symposium on Ethical Issues in Psychological Research and Practice, January 22, 2005, Department of Psychology, BHU, Varanasi.

18. 39th National Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology on ‘Positive Health and Well Being’, July 15-17, 2004, M.D. University, Rohtak.

19. National Symposium on Perspectives on Counselling, February 7, 2004, Department of Psychology, BHU.

20. National seminar on ‘Challenges to human resource management in India’, November 27, 2004, Department of Psychology, BHU.

21. 38th National Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology on ‘Applied Psychology: Emerging Trends, November 2003, jointly organized by JNV University Jodhpur and D.R.D.O., New Delhi.

22. National Symposium on Environmental hazards and Human behaviour, February 15, 2003, Department of Psychology, BHU

23. National Conference of Community Psychology Association of India on the Emerging Psycho-Social Problems and Interventions, March 16-17, 2002, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.

24. National Seminar on Problems of Women and their Empowerment, February 23, 2002, Department of Psychology, BHU.

25. 4th Annual Conference of Community Psychology, Feb 15-16, 2002, H. S. Gaur University, Sagar.

26. National Symposium on Emerging Concerns for Health-Care and Well-being, Feb. 24, 2001, Department of Psychology, BHU.

27. National Symposium on Health Psychology: Challenges in the new millennium, Feb. 26, 2000, Department of Psychology, BHU.

28. National Symposium on Stress, Coping and Mental Health, Nov. 7, 1998, Department of Psychology, BHU.

29. National Seminar on Work and Family Conflict: Dynamics and Resolution, Sept. 14, 1997, Dept. of Psychology, B.H.U.

30. National Seminar on Stress and its Management, March 23, 1996, Department of Psychology, B.H.U.

31. National Workshop on Psychology of Health and Well-being, March 22, 1995, Department of Psychology, B.H.U.

32. National Seminar on Psychological Researches & Applications: Contemporary Issues and the Tri-Decennial Celebrations of the Department. February 28, 1993, Department of Psychology, B.H.U.

33. 77th session of the Indian Science Congress Association, Jan. 7-12, 1990, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin.

34. Seminar on "The Concept of Work in Indian Society", April 14-21, 1989, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

35. 26th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, March 29- 31, 1989, University of Calcutta, Calcutta.

36. 23rd Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, March 29- 31, 1986, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

37. 73rd Session of the Indian Science Congress Association, January 3-8, 1986, Delhi University, Delhi.

38. 72nd Session of Indian Science Congress Association, January 3-8, 1985, Lucknow University, Lucknow.

39. U.G.C. Symposia on Locus of Control, University of Calicut, October 8-14, 1984.

40. 68th Session of the Indian Science Congress Association, January 3- 7, 1981, B.H.U., Varanasi.

41. 100th anniversary of the establishment of Experimental Psychology Laboratory, December 23, 1979, BHU, Varanasi.

42. 66th Session of the Indian Science Congress Association, January 3-7, 1979, Osmania University.

43. All India Seminar on Reforms on Higher Education, October 9-11, 1975, BHU, Varanasi.

44. Sixth Indian Association of Clinical Psychology, December 22-24, 1975, BHU, Varanasi.

45. 60th Session of the Indian Science Congress Association, January 3-7, 1973, Chandigarh.

46. Second All India Academy of Social Sciences, Feb. 20-23, 1972, BHU, Varanasi.

International conferences:

1. 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Cognition and Health, January 23-25, 2014, Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, India.

2. International Conference on Recent Advances in Cognition and Health, January 23-24, 2012, Department of Psychology, BHU.

3. International conference on Recent Advances in Cognitive Sciences, December, 18-20, 2010, Department of Psychology, BHU.

4. 11th International Conference of IAAP on “Applied Psychology for a peaceful world”, February 15-17, 2007, Department of Psychology JMI New Delhi.

5. International Conference on Applied and Community Psychology: Trends and Directions, February 25-27, 2005, GurukulKangari University, Haridwar.

6. 25th International Congress of Applied Psychology, July, 2002, Singapore.

7. International Seminar on Japan’s Role in South Asia, Jan 2-4, 2002, Organised by Japanese Studies, Centre for the Study of Nepal, Faculty of Social Sciences, B. H. U., Varanasi-221005

8. 3rd International Symposium on Cognition, education and mental health, December 16-19, 1999, Department of Psychology, B.H.U., Co-organized with Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA and Cognitive Science Laboratory, CUA, USA.

9. 3rd Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, Aug. 4-7, 1999, Taipai, Taiwan.

10. International Symposium on Cognition & Education, December 14 to 18, 1995 Department of Psychology, B.H.U., Co-organized with Cognitive Science Laboratory, Catholic University of America, U.S.A. & Center for Medical Education, McGill University, Canada.

11. International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Cognition, December 14 to 17, 1993, Department of Psychology, B.H.U., Co-organized with Cognitive Science Laboratory, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

12. 94th Annual Convention of American Psychological Association, August 22-26, 1986, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

13. 50th Annual Convention of the Academy of Management, August 13-17, 1986, Chicago, U.S.A.

14. 8th International Congress of Cross-cultural Psychology, July 6-10, 1986, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey.

15. 20th Congress of the International Association of Applied Psychology, July 25-.31, 1982, Edinburgh, U.K.

H. Courses and papers taught

Courses taught

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Bachelor of Technology (Open Elective Course)

Master of Arts (Psychology)

Master of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (MPMIR)

Papers taught

Foundations of Psychological Processes

Applied Psychology

Psychological Testing and Assessment

Advanced Research Methods and Statistics

Advanced Psychological Assessment

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Organizational Behavior

Stress Management

Organizational Development and Change

I. Academic/ professional membership

Indian Science Congress Association

International Association of Applied Psychology

International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Asian Association of Social Psychology

J. Administrative responsibilities held

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU

Director, Integrated Rural Development Centre, BHU

Coordinator, Academic Staff College, BHU

Head, Department of History for nearly Two years in the capacity of Dean

Head, Department of Psychology, BHU

Vice-Chairman, School Board, BHU

General Secretary, University Sports Board, BHU

Students’ Advisor, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU

Coordinator, Centre for Coaching to SC/ST students for preparation of UGC, NET

Manager, MahamanaVidyalay, BHU

Served as Subject Expert/Governor’s nominee in various selection committees

Chairman and Member of various committees constituted by the Department, Faculty and University from time to time

K. Honors and awards received

University Gold Medal, 1970.

University Research Scholarship, 1970

Career Award, U.G.C., 1986

Indo-U.S. Fellowship, 1987-88

Post-doctoral fellowship, University of Brown, Rhode Island, U.S.A. (1995)

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