Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences
Tulsidas Colony, BHU
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Academic Qualifications
Sl. No. Degree Institution Year
1 P. G. Allahabad University 1983
2 Ph.D. Barkatullah University 1993
3 CSIR-Post doctoral research fellowship Allahabad University 1993-1997

A. Teaching experience (in years): 18 First Date of Joining: 24.3.1987

B. Areas of specialization: Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Industrial relations

C. Number of Ph. D supervised: 6

D. Number of publications (National/International) 36

E. Major publications (Selected)

1. Agarwal, M., Khanna, A. & Sharma, A. (2012). Organizational factors, fulfilment of the psychological contract and quality of patient-care in public hospitals, IIMS (Shillong) Journal of Management Sciences, 3(1), 66-83

2. Agarwal, M., & Sharma, A. (2011). Effects of hospital workplace factors on the psychological well-being and job satisfaction of healthcare employees. Journal of Health Management, vol. 13(4), 439-461

3. Agarwal, M. (2011). Managerial perceptions of performance appraisal facets as determinants of the effectiveness of the performance appraisal system in private and public sector organizations. Management Insight, vol 7(1), 8-21

4. Agarwal, M & Sharma, A .(2010). Relationship of workplace factors and job involvement of healthcare employees with quality of patient care in teaching and non-teaching hospitals, Psychological Studies, 55(4), 374?385.

5. Agarwal, M.; &Tripathi, R.C.(1997). Communicating psychological contracts through human resource practices. Indian Journal of Training and Development, 1, 31-46. F. Research projects: 1. UGCMajor research project (2008-2011)

G. Conference/symposia/seminars attended: 20

H. Courses and papers taught

Organizational Behaviour,Human Resource Management, Organizational Communication , Applied psychology, Behaviour disorders, General Psychology

Organisational Communication, Industrial Relations ,Marketing Management,Public Relations

I. Academic/ professional membership

1. Life member of Indian Society for Training and development

2. Life member of BHU psychology alumni Association

3. Member of All India Association of Managers

4. Member of online professional groups

J. Administrative responsibilities held:

Member of various Departmental and Faculty Committees : DRC, RPC, Departmental Council, Cultural committee, Planning sub- committee, time-table committee, Faculty Board, Admission Verification committee, convocation committee

K. Honors and awards received:

(1) Received Gold medal for 1st position held in order of merit in M.A. at Allahabad University in 1983

(2) Received Best Paper Award from Indian Journal of Training and Development in 1997

(3) Received Best paper Kamla Award (Woman Writer) from Indian Journal of Training and Development in 2001

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