Dr. Shabana Bano

Assistant Professor 


0542-2369967,  09648122999 


Academic Qualifications
Sl. No. Degree Institution Year
1 P. G. BHU 1997
2 M.Phil/Ph.D. BHU 2002

A. Teaching experiences (in years) - 10 years

B. Areas of specialization - Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology and Developmental Psychology

C. Number of Ph. Dsupervised 3

D. Number of publications (National/International) 20 (10/10)

E. Major publications (selected)

1. Bano, S.,& Mishra, R. C. (2014). Development of social identity and prejudice in Hindu and Muslim children. Social Science International. ISSN. 0970-1087

2. Bano, S.,& Mishra, R. C. (2014).Social Identiry and Prejudice in Muslim and Hindu Adolescents of Traditional and Modern Schools.Journal of Psychosocial Research, 9 (2) ISSN 0973-5410, 200-307.

3. Bano, S.,& Mishra, R. C. (2011). Relational orientations of Hindu and Muslim adolescents in traditional and modern schools. In P. Singh, P. Bain, L. Chan-Hoong, G. Misra, & Y. Ohtsubo (Eds.), Identity, Multiculturalism and Changing Societies: Psychological, Group and Cultural Processes (pp 219-230). MacMillan Publishers: New Delhi.

4. Bano, S.,& Mishra, R. C. (2009). Social identity and inter-group perception in Hindu and Muslim adolescents. Journal of Psychosocial Research, 4 (2), 417-425. ISSN.0973-5410

5. Bano, S.,& Mishra, R. C. (2005). Inter-group perception and evaluation among Hindu and Muslim children. Psychological studies, 50 (2&3), 144-149. ISSN.0033-2968

F. Research projects

1. Major research Project (ongoing)- "Relational Orientations and Mutual Attitudes of Hindu and Muslim Groups" (Principal Investigator)

2. Major research Project (completed)- "Physical Education and Psychological Well-being of Children" (Co-investigator)

G. Conference/symposia/seminars attended- 39

H. Courses and papers taught:

BA (hons), MA & Phd course work

Foundation of Psychology

Applied Psychology

Experimental Design and Elementary Statistics

Developmental Psychology

Social Psychology

Cultural Psychology

Applied Social Psychology

Affective Processes

Cross-cultural Psychology

I. Academic/ professional membership

Membership of National Academy of Psychology

Membership of Sports Psychology Association of India

Membership of Asian South Pacific Association

Membership of Indian Science Congress

J. Honors and awards receive

Shastri Indo-Canadian Faculty Mobility Fellowship-2013

The award of the National Scholarship-1995

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