National Seminar 
Recent Statistical Techniques for Data Analysis
XXIX Annual Conference
Indian Association for
the Study of Population (IASP)

(October 26-28, 2007)


Scope and Objectives 

The prime aim of Statistics is collection of relevant data and drawing valid and reliable conclusion for specified objective under procedurally and economically optimized way.  It leads to the development of various techniques of collection and analysis of data as per requirement of a given situation. The availability of high-speed computers have added new dimension to it.  New methodologies are being researched and implemented for those complex problems whose solutions were too difficult to carry out practically.  Thus, there is a need not only to acquaint us with the recent developments in this field but also to make ourselves familiar with the situation where the proposed technique possesses their optimal properties so as to ensure their proper use.

The objective of the proposed seminar is to bring research workers from different fields viz. Population Studies, Biology, Economics, Business, Psychology, Agriculture, Medical Sciences, Engineering, etc at one platform.

Although the data of these fields have some common features but many times these have their own peculiar characteristics, which need special treatments for their analyses.  The exchange of ideas in the proposed conference is, therefore, expected to throw lights on developing new methodologies, which will in turn capable of handling more complicated problems faced by the society.

The seminar will be divided into a number of technical sessions where invited talks and paper presentation will be made. The suggested sessions / topics are: 

1.      Analysis of Censored and Truncated Data.

2.      Recent Advances of Data Analysis.

3.      Sampling Frame as a Determinant of Data.

4.      Peculiarities and Analysis of Data of Different Disciplines.

5.      Determinants of Sample Size in a Statistical Enquiry.

6.      Stochastic Modeling of Demographic Processes.  

The above seminar is organized jointly with XXIX Annual Conference of Indian Association for the Study of Population.  The theme of this conference is set as “Poverty, Health and Development”.  As usual it would comprise panel discussions and presentation of invited and contributed research papers and posters on the following five sub-themes: 

  1. Health, Nutrition and Environment
  2. Programmes and Policies of Population and Health
  3. Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS
  4. Urbanization and Migration
  5. Poverty and Development


Scope and Objectives
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